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Wishlist Wednesday February 27, 2013

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Well it’s time for my first installment of Wishlist Wednesday. Enough of me adding more books to my list from other’s wishlists (that’s right Bookshelf Fantasies, I’m looking at you). And a big thanks to Pen to Paper for getting this whole thing started.

So the book that is on my wishlist that I can’t wait to tuck into this week is:

There by Hangs a Tail


Bernie Little and his canine companion, Chet, are private investigators. Both have had some setbacks in life – Bernie in combat, Chet in K-9 dog-training school – but together they make up a team like no other.
In Thereby Hangs a Tail, Bernie and Chet are hired to investigate threats made against an unlikely target – a pretty, pampered show dog named Princess. What seems like a joke turns serious when Princess and her owner are abducted. And to make matters worse, Bernie’s on-again, off-again girlfriend, reporter Susie Sanchez, disappears too.
When Chet gets separated from Bernie, he tries to put the pieces together, find his way home, and save the day.
With genuine suspense and intrigue, combined with humour and insight into the special bond between man and dog, Thereby Hangs a Tail is the much awaited sequel to the fantastic, funny, New York Times bestselling Dog On It. It will keep everyone talking – and chuckling.

Why I want to read it:

The second book in the series, I loved the first. It was cleverly done, a must read for all dog and mystery lovers. If this book is anything like the first it will be a fun enjoyable read.


In which I wish there was just one more day in the week February 25, 2013

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Every few months there is just one weekend were everything seems to happen all at once. It’s as if it is a massive universe conspiracy to test how well I can manage my free time and patience. This weekend just so happened to be one of those weekends. As I sit here savoring my tea and watching a classic Dr. Who episode (Tomb of the Cybermen) I believe I weathered the weekend quite nicely.

Friday night was my Slowfood book club meeting. We read the book “Cheese and Culture.” I didn’t really care for the book itself, though I did enjoy an evening cheese, wine and good company.  And really how can you go wrong with cheese?

So my personal trainer challenged me to doing three sessions of cardio this week….yeah I don’t think that is going to happen. I was able to get one in yesterday, two miles at the Huntington Beach Central Park. That park happens to be my favorite. It has a lovely pond, wild life and one of my favorite restaurants in Orange County, the Park Bench Café. Though I avoided the café this week I did get some exercise in with my dogs. I have to say I am quite lucky to live in so cal where the temperature in early march is a brisk 65 to 70 degrees.

Saturday night proved that when you have good friends, it doesn’t matter how much time passes, when you get together, it feels like no time has passed. And if Saturday was a preview of what my Saint Patrick’s day will be, it will be a good Saint Patrick’s day in deed.

I had the crazy notion that I was going to be able to get another two miles in today but frankly sleeping in on a Sunday was all too important (getting home at midnight on Saturday didn’t help much…but I digress).

Today was the day of infinite driving. I drove up to El Monte for lunch with Grandma Tierney. I often feel guilty for not spending enough time with her but between an incredibly busy schedule and an hour drive to get to her it makes it hard to do more for her or with her.  At least I was able to spend a little time with her before I had to rush off for my steering committee meeting for Slowfood. (and just think, for every

And speaking of Slowfood I can’t wait to share some of the upcoming events that I am planning! Mark your calendars for Cal State Fullerton’s Annual Green Scene April 20th. It’s a great event with food, local gardening clubs, and all sorts of local Orange County artists. And that is just the start. 

And what’s on tap for next weekend? NOTHING! I have just over a week until the husband comes home for leave which means I have just over a week to get caught up on my house cleaning.  So this week I will be channeling my inner Martha Stuart whom I am sure is hiding somewhere deep down inside…right??

Well when I am not cleaning I do plan on reading.  I have a 75 book challenge though hanging over my head. So my book pick for this week is Etiquette and Espionage written by the wonderful Gail Carriger. I am already a few chapters in and so far it has been an enjoyable trip into her steampunk world.


The 4th Doctor’s Scarf February 22, 2013

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The Scarf

After going to Gallifrey one, it is clear to see that the Scarf used by the fourth doctor is clearly the most popular of the doctor cosplay outfits. For just as many people wearing a Tardis outfit, there were another two people with the 4th Doctor scarf. As I mentioned before, and I REALLY don’t mean this to toot my own horn, my scarf was one of the better ones. So I thought I would spend some time sharing a few tips for those that are interested in making the scarf.

I used 100% wool. It was a little more expensive however, Angel, whom I made the scarf for and I agreed that this was the best way to get the colors and look right. These two websites and were the sites that I used to help me create the scarf. The first was best for the colors and a general how to. The second was able to give me the right blocking for the colors. They also had some great tips in the creating of the scarf.

One of the things that annoyed me was the use of bright colors, the scarf is in muted earth tones. There were some that had earth tones and then bright yellow colors, it drew much attention to the yellow and really detracted from the overall look of the scarf.

The size of the needle I used were US 10/6.0 mm with the wool this gave the right gauge. Also on that note, this scarf is garter stitched! Do not purl under any circumstances. I saw one that was purled and though the knitting was done well, it just didn’t look right. I love a good stocknitte stitch however, this most certainly a garter stitch and will not look right if done any other way.

Another major point in making the scarf, be conscious of your blocks. This scarf takes a lot of yarn overall, if you are coming up to a large block of color don’t be cheap, go ahead and start using another skein. Having lots of little knots all over the scarf will make it look messy.

This was a three month project for me. That included knitting literally all day on some weekends, for at least 2 to 3 hours in the evenings and on my lunch breaks from work. I come home, for lunch so often I would eat and then spend the rest of my lunch hour knitting it. And I didn’t even knit the full 12 feet. I only did 9, given that it’s wool, it will stretch over time and in the shaping process.

Shaping is very important. Take the time to wash and shape it. I shaped it literally by hanging it over my shower doors. Word to the wise: put down lots of towels! That beast can soak up a hell of a lot of water.
I am very proud of the scarf. I plan on making a shorter more user friendly version of the scarf for myself. I would be willing to do custom orders for others, however, it will take me 3 months and cost $200 per scarf to make.
So what’s next in my knitting queue? Well I am working on some Jayne’s hat inspired tea cozies, a replica Amy Pond scarf and a knitted dog for my husband. I want to give it a month or so before I tackle the Epic Doctor Who Scarf again in any shape or form.


Gallifrey One Photos February 20, 2013

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Gallifrey one 2013 gang

The Gang (Becky, Angel and I)


Me and the 5 Minute Cosplay outfit

Diana Tardis

The two Tardises

Occupy Galifrey


Power to the Time Lords!!


Occupy Galifrey 2

the future “That Really Long Scarf” Team (Spoiler’s Sweety, can’t tell you more)


Best crowd control EVER


K-9 My new favorite Doctor The Doctor and The Tardis

From Left to right K-9 and a 4th Doctor, My new favorite Doctor: Sylvester McCoy Aka The 7th Doctor and then the Doctor and the Tardis.

The Scarf

The Scarf! Fully completed and worn by the Doctor

Tired Diana

Already Tired! and that was on Day 1!


Scarf and food


Gallifrey One Recap February 19, 2013

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Well Gallifrey One came and went this weekend. It was my first real convention and the only thing I was expecting to do was gorge myself on all things Doctor Who….and boy did I! So here is a recap of all of the awesomeness of the weekend.


I got to the conference and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. From walking talking daleks, a K-9 (which for the record is adorable not cute, he would correct you if you said otherwise), and a slew of Dr. Who characters from just about every season. Becky, Angel and I walked around for the first hour with glazed over eyes until we found the Tardis…and all was right with the world. I think the highlight of the day for me was being able to talk to Neve Mcintosh about her character Madame Vastra. We both agree, there needs to be more Madame Vastra! For Angel it was having Mark Sheppard adjust his bowtie…because let’s face it bowties are cool.

After an evening show of Doctor Who Live, in which I will never ever be able to look at the Small World ride the same way again we crashed pretty hard. I think the theme of Friday was summed up very well in this conversation:

Shaun Dingwall (Rose’s Dad): Did you travel far to get here?
Slightly Star Struck Diana: No, we just came from Orange County.
Shaun: You’re a little overwhelmed aren’t you?
I shake my head yes.
At that point Shaun hands me my autograph and kindly smiles at me… I have a feeling he would have patted me on the head if he could have.


So for months I have been planning my Tardis outfit. Finding just the right dress. Prowling Etsy for jewelry even going so far as to order not only specialty colored chucks (Tardis blue baby!) but galaxy tights. Now there were some Tardis girls at the convention on Friday. However, on Saturday it was as my dad would say “you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a girl dressed as a Tardis.” Let’s see, there was the slutty Tardis, the Victorian Tardis, the Over the Top Tardis, the Literal Tardis and then me the classy little Tardis that wasn’t in anyone’s face. The important thing was that I liked my outfit, and though I still think I looked pretty cute I am already working on next year’s cosplay outfit which won’t be a Tardis. (details to come…eventually)

Saturday was also the day that my epic 4th Doctor’s scarf debuted. Let me just say it was arguably the best scarf at the convention. The length was good, the quality was superb (though I need to adjust the tassels) and my colors were spot on. The night before we left, I nearly flooded my bathroom after I hung it to dry to shape it properly. Water damage aside, I am glad I did, it made the look all that much better.

The people at the convention were overall really nice. There were some that you can tell didn’t get out much but that is to be expected at any such event. Anyway, while in line for an autograph from Sylvester Mccoy I began talking to some far more experienced Gallifrey One Conventioners. I was told by one, that if I didn’t do anything at all that day I needed to see Sylvester Mccoy speak.

So I make a point of “dragging” Angel and Becky to see him. It wasn’t so much of dragging as it was getting them to peel their eyes away from the next cool thing that we came across. I certainly think they were glad I did. Sylvester was just a dynamic speaker. Instead of just sitting on the stage talking to the interviewers he bounded around the audience answering questions the whole hour. There was always an answer for every question without skipping a beat. When asked about being a part of the Doctor Who legacy, he said that he was very blessed. And you can tell he really meant it.


So as I had mentioned I put a lot of work into my Tardis outfit. Sunday, I wore something that was rather normal, skinny jeans, red tank, cowboy boots and my awesome faux leather jacket. I stress, this was a five minute outfit, at most, that I put together last minute while packing. It started that morning when a photographer included me in a photo of Becky and Angel (who might I add were celebrities in their own right) and asked if I was Donna. To which I responded Yeah sure.
Later that morning, I got my picture taken again by another photographer. Then while walking around the dealer room I get a tap on the shoulder and another photographer was like “Clara can I get your photo?” I was just missing being mistaken as white Martha and Amy.

It was hard to tear ourselves away to go home back to reality. We just kept wanting to do just one more panel or one more tour around the dealers room (even though we were flat broke by that point). It was after a very entertaining panel that involved Neve Mcintosh, Paul Marc Davis, Nicholas Briggs, Ian McNeice, Frances Barber and Dan Starkey who delighted us with Sontaran Christmas Carols.

Overall, I learned so much about the shows, found myself a new Doctor to get wrapped up in and discovered the world of audio cd’s though Big Finish Productions. Pictures will follow soon. I already can’t wait for next year.


Live from Gallifrey One! February 17, 2013

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So the weekend I have been waiting for is finally here and it is everything that I have ever wanted it to be and more. It’s Saturday night and as I enjoy my comfy hotel bed I can’t help but think about how cool the Dr. Who fandom is. My tardis outfit, which has been dubbed the classy tardis, as adorable as it is, was nothing compared to the costumes that showed up today. Next year I most certainly have to step up my A game.

I know my new episodes pretty well, and have recently been venturing into the old stuff. As Angel and I talked about at dinner tonight, the great thing about Dr. Who is that no matter how much I watch, read, or listen to audio there will be more that I have not seen or done.

I have posted some pictures on my facebook already but more will be coming up this week. So far the highlights have been K-9 (robot or not I am a sucker for dogs), Daleks everywhere (best line keepers ever!) and Sylvester Mccoy.

For those of you that don’t know, Sylvester Mccoy was the 7th doctor. He is energetic, hilarious, brilliant and more importantly you can tell that he loves the fans. I haven’t gotten to his seasons yet, however, I plan on jumping ahead just to watch him…and then go back and finish my Tom Baker years.

Friday I felt like a butterfly on crack. I was just jumping around from booth to booth. I was the little girl in the bumble bee outfit in the blind mellon music video. Today was a little more even paced. I got to see some panels, learn more about classic Dr. Who, get some great pictures and just enjoyed the awesomeness.

Well time to get some rest before I hit the convention again tomorrow.


A Fan Girl’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide February 10, 2013

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It’s not too late to get a decent Valentine’s Day present for the number one fan girl in your life. However, chocolates, though mostly appreciated, are rather cliché. And flowers, they are going to whither in like a week. 


Here are some ideas for what your more non stereotypical, star wars loving, book reading fan girl would be interested in:

1.  Is she crafty?  If so consider Knits for Nerds by Joan of Dark or The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton.   

2. Books. And when I say books, I don’t mean 50 Shades of Gray or Twilight (stay far away from those series), get her something that she will really like. If she is one of the thousands that have a GoodReads account feel free to snoop around to see what’s one her to read list.  If she doesn’t have a good reads account, buy her a cup of coffee/tea and let her loose at your local bookstore as part of her present. You may loose her for an hour or two as she hunts down her favorite books but I guarantee she will be a happy girl in the end with a pile of new books to read. 

3.  Perhaps a living room picnic and Dr. Who Marathon? Not a Dr. Who fan (absurd I know!) try Star Wars, Star Trek or maybe Xmen. It’s incredibly romantic when as Han is lowered into carbonite, Leia finally says I love you and Han says “I know.” Excuse me for a moment while I swoon. 

4.  Pretty  much anything from, no seriously. Have you been on that site? I did most of my Christmas shopping there, for every present I bought a loved one, two were for me…

5.  Or you can do what my husband did. Buy her a dozen comics of her favorite comic Character.  I for one, am happily reading my way through a dozen Wonder Woman comics.

When it comes to finding the right gift, don’t over think it. When all else fails ask. She’ll appreciate the thought and effort more than just another box of candy that every other girl in the country has gotten.