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Live from Gallifrey One! February 17, 2013

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So the weekend I have been waiting for is finally here and it is everything that I have ever wanted it to be and more. It’s Saturday night and as I enjoy my comfy hotel bed I can’t help but think about how cool the Dr. Who fandom is. My tardis outfit, which has been dubbed the classy tardis, as adorable as it is, was nothing compared to the costumes that showed up today. Next year I most certainly have to step up my A game.

I know my new episodes pretty well, and have recently been venturing into the old stuff. As Angel and I talked about at dinner tonight, the great thing about Dr. Who is that no matter how much I watch, read, or listen to audio there will be more that I have not seen or done.

I have posted some pictures on my facebook already but more will be coming up this week. So far the highlights have been K-9 (robot or not I am a sucker for dogs), Daleks everywhere (best line keepers ever!) and Sylvester Mccoy.

For those of you that don’t know, Sylvester Mccoy was the 7th doctor. He is energetic, hilarious, brilliant and more importantly you can tell that he loves the fans. I haven’t gotten to his seasons yet, however, I plan on jumping ahead just to watch him…and then go back and finish my Tom Baker years.

Friday I felt like a butterfly on crack. I was just jumping around from booth to booth. I was the little girl in the bumble bee outfit in the blind mellon music video. Today was a little more even paced. I got to see some panels, learn more about classic Dr. Who, get some great pictures and just enjoyed the awesomeness.

Well time to get some rest before I hit the convention again tomorrow.


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