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Gallifrey One Recap February 19, 2013

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Well Gallifrey One came and went this weekend. It was my first real convention and the only thing I was expecting to do was gorge myself on all things Doctor Who….and boy did I! So here is a recap of all of the awesomeness of the weekend.


I got to the conference and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. From walking talking daleks, a K-9 (which for the record is adorable not cute, he would correct you if you said otherwise), and a slew of Dr. Who characters from just about every season. Becky, Angel and I walked around for the first hour with glazed over eyes until we found the Tardis…and all was right with the world. I think the highlight of the day for me was being able to talk to Neve Mcintosh about her character Madame Vastra. We both agree, there needs to be more Madame Vastra! For Angel it was having Mark Sheppard adjust his bowtie…because let’s face it bowties are cool.

After an evening show of Doctor Who Live, in which I will never ever be able to look at the Small World ride the same way again we crashed pretty hard. I think the theme of Friday was summed up very well in this conversation:

Shaun Dingwall (Rose’s Dad): Did you travel far to get here?
Slightly Star Struck Diana: No, we just came from Orange County.
Shaun: You’re a little overwhelmed aren’t you?
I shake my head yes.
At that point Shaun hands me my autograph and kindly smiles at me… I have a feeling he would have patted me on the head if he could have.


So for months I have been planning my Tardis outfit. Finding just the right dress. Prowling Etsy for jewelry even going so far as to order not only specialty colored chucks (Tardis blue baby!) but galaxy tights. Now there were some Tardis girls at the convention on Friday. However, on Saturday it was as my dad would say “you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a girl dressed as a Tardis.” Let’s see, there was the slutty Tardis, the Victorian Tardis, the Over the Top Tardis, the Literal Tardis and then me the classy little Tardis that wasn’t in anyone’s face. The important thing was that I liked my outfit, and though I still think I looked pretty cute I am already working on next year’s cosplay outfit which won’t be a Tardis. (details to come…eventually)

Saturday was also the day that my epic 4th Doctor’s scarf debuted. Let me just say it was arguably the best scarf at the convention. The length was good, the quality was superb (though I need to adjust the tassels) and my colors were spot on. The night before we left, I nearly flooded my bathroom after I hung it to dry to shape it properly. Water damage aside, I am glad I did, it made the look all that much better.

The people at the convention were overall really nice. There were some that you can tell didn’t get out much but that is to be expected at any such event. Anyway, while in line for an autograph from Sylvester Mccoy I began talking to some far more experienced Gallifrey One Conventioners. I was told by one, that if I didn’t do anything at all that day I needed to see Sylvester Mccoy speak.

So I make a point of “dragging” Angel and Becky to see him. It wasn’t so much of dragging as it was getting them to peel their eyes away from the next cool thing that we came across. I certainly think they were glad I did. Sylvester was just a dynamic speaker. Instead of just sitting on the stage talking to the interviewers he bounded around the audience answering questions the whole hour. There was always an answer for every question without skipping a beat. When asked about being a part of the Doctor Who legacy, he said that he was very blessed. And you can tell he really meant it.


So as I had mentioned I put a lot of work into my Tardis outfit. Sunday, I wore something that was rather normal, skinny jeans, red tank, cowboy boots and my awesome faux leather jacket. I stress, this was a five minute outfit, at most, that I put together last minute while packing. It started that morning when a photographer included me in a photo of Becky and Angel (who might I add were celebrities in their own right) and asked if I was Donna. To which I responded Yeah sure.
Later that morning, I got my picture taken again by another photographer. Then while walking around the dealer room I get a tap on the shoulder and another photographer was like “Clara can I get your photo?” I was just missing being mistaken as white Martha and Amy.

It was hard to tear ourselves away to go home back to reality. We just kept wanting to do just one more panel or one more tour around the dealers room (even though we were flat broke by that point). It was after a very entertaining panel that involved Neve Mcintosh, Paul Marc Davis, Nicholas Briggs, Ian McNeice, Frances Barber and Dan Starkey who delighted us with Sontaran Christmas Carols.

Overall, I learned so much about the shows, found myself a new Doctor to get wrapped up in and discovered the world of audio cd’s though Big Finish Productions. Pictures will follow soon. I already can’t wait for next year.


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