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My Journey through the Classic Dr. Who Series aka River Songing it. March 4, 2013

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I have always held to the belief that the best science fiction is the kind that has a good story to it. It makes us look at ourselves and our society as a whole. That’s why the authors such as Jule’s Vern and Kurt Vonnegut have stayed popular for so many years. It’s also why the original Star Wars is so loved and the last three movies so disliked.

I have finally gone back and started watching the original Dr. Who episodes. I am actually “River Songing”(yes folks, I am coining that phrase) the series, watching the doctors out of order. Has it detracted my appreciation and ability look at episodes of the Dr. Who series? I am going to go out on a limb here and say no. It has in fact allowed me to look at each doctor as a separate entity from the others as I watch the episodes. Really, for a novice just getting into the classic series it’s actually quite tricky to see all of the episodes in order up through the seasons, unless you buy the dvds, which at this time I am not prepared to do (nor is my husband 100% keen on, given the price of BBC Season DVDs). I have found my episodes through Netflix and Amazon. Now in both streaming options they only show the classic episodes from each season and I could go through those chronologically but where’s the fun in that? You can’t even see season 2 of the classic Dr. Who series streaming on Amazon. At least I can get the dvd’s on Netflix.

So every month I will bring you some thoughts on the doctors I have watched and some great episodes to dig up (and where you can find them). So this month’s doctor is the 4th Doctor played by Colin Baker. I made sure to start watching it since I made that scarf. I had to see why it was so popular (besides being one of the best scarves ever). He has that roguish ass whole-ness that I so genuinely like. One firm example of this is in “The Ark in Space” his way of cheering on Sarah Jane when she was Sarah was stuck in a tunnel was enough to get him slapped if he was talking to me that way. It would also have been enough to get me moving to get me out of the tunnel to slap him. I think my favorite so far of Tom Baker’s years is “The Pyramids of Mars” which is a great blend of Egyptian mythology and Dr. Who style science fiction. It’s unfortunate that with the streaming episodes I only got to see two full episode arcs with Sarah Jane. Because of the new series I was especially interested in her time as a companion. In the two episodes you see streaming you get to see some of the fondness between the two but you don’t really get the full grasp of their relationship as it played out.

I am now watching “The Horror of Fang Rock,” maybe it’s because I am just beginning but it just doesn’t have the same feel as the previous fourth doctor episodes I watched previously. I am trying to keep an open mind but I think because I liked Sarah Jane so much, perhaps after a few episodes Leela will win me over.


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