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A brief synapsis of what I have been doing with my time… March 16, 2013

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I can’t believe it, it’s already mid March, I was just looking at the calendar yesterday thinking where did February go? (according to its publicist, Bermuda, if you were wondering)  So as I sit here with wiener dog curled up next to me and a cup of tea, I reflect on some of the awesomeness that has occurred as of late. Which has understandably kept me away from my laptop.

So as I mentioned before, the husband came home for an R&R. Which to those of you of non military, non contracting backgrounds, it means that some whirl wind project gets started and that everything that is considered fun is crammed into a short window of time. Well this project for this visit was pulling everything out of our Office/Reptile room and rearranging it. We have an awesome cubby system now for the snakes but we are still working on putting everything back in there in an organized fashion. And when I say “we” I mean mostly him. I tend to stay out of his way while this is going on, it’s just safer for our mutual sanity.

Last weekend was one of those weekends where at multiple times I just sat back and thought “damn, I am a lucky girl”

It started off with a Flogging molly concert in Pomona, with Chris and Amanda. I swear I laughed so hard that my sides ached. The concert, btw, was fantastic, as always. New band to check out: the Donots. They are German and are really good.  And remember kids, when you are at a concert, right hand floor, left hand drink don’t mix it up or your rum and coke will end up all over the floor.

So when we got home from the concert, I went to bed and the husband went fishing.  That night he went to bed and I hosted a game night with friends.  I have to say that Pandemic and Ticket to ride are way beyond your old school Monopoly and life.

And this weekend? Well, as I type we are getting ready for the annual Beerfest competition. I have very little to no coordination so I will be a ref/designated driver. 


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