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At which I compare Final Fantasy to Tomb Raider… March 26, 2013

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Well catching kuddies a.k.a. the common cold from my husband helped me to achieve my goals this last weekend. I got caught up on Being Human, watched a number of Doctor Who episodes and made some decent headway in Tomb Raider.

So a few months ago having finished Assassin’s Creed and not interested in any of my husband’s sports games collecting dust in the back of the cabinet I picked up Final Fantasy IIV-III on sale at Target. Frankly after bringing it home I figured out why it was on sale. I will be the first to admit that I was dumb and that it was an impulse buy. I gave the game an honest go. Really I did. There were just two major factors that I just could not get past. The first being the ultra controlled, point click fighting. I never knew how much I loved my button mashing, multi combos until it was gone. It not only felt like the fun was gone but that I forced to do things the way the game wanted me to do it. I like a little creativity with my fighting style. The second thing that drove me nuts about the main character was that she was so very much a beta heroine. Yeah sure she did some fighting, but she was never the one leading the pack. She went by what everyone else said and let them call the shots. Now maybe this changes later in the game. I just do not have the patience to stick it out. As far as I am concerned why waste time on crappy games when there are so many good ones out there.

I started to think about Final Fantasy in comparison to Tomb Raider over the weekend. Some people were complaining that the violence against women in this game was bad. I have to admit, Lara took some cringe worthy beatings. But really she’s the hero; of course she is going to get the brunt of the violence. At least when Lara gets punched, she throws a few back. Though she took advice from others, she in the end made her own choices. Either way, at the end of the day, I would rather see the violence in Tomb Raider than the pseudo fighting beta female lead. Lara sends a better message to girls and women. She is a survivor who is not afraid to fight back. I am also really enjoying the reboot of her story showing how she became the strong character we saw in past games and movies.

I am almost finished with the game and the only major criticism I have is all the video scenes. Don’t get me wrong, some are alright but for goodness sake, there are so many in this game that I can literally knit about an inch of my Dr. Who Amy replica scarf in a sitting. The other annoying thing about all of the videos is that there have been a few times where I didn’t realize the movie had ended and I was supposed to start playing.

On another note, I am pretty excited I got the Doctor Who Lost in Time…Collection of rare episode. It’s such a tragedy that so many episoDr whodes of the show were lost from the early years, and it’s not just Doctor Who, other films were destroyed just because it was believed that they were not needed anymore. So much of our history was lost. Anyway, I am excited to delve into the episodes that we do have from the first and second Doctors.

Well with that, it’s time to take some more cold medicine and curl up with my current book John Satrunall’s Feast.


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