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A Look back at Wondercon April 1, 2013

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This weekend has truly been a celebration of all things geek. It started off with a live podcast of the Nerdist, the guys were incredibly funny. Chris Hardwick, I have to say, has a very positive message for those in the geek community which is one I fully stand behind. It does no one any good to sit around and tear down others that have created stuff.

Finally on Saturday I made my way in to the event. It was my first time at Wondercon and it was quite the cool little convention. It has the charm of a smaller convention where you can get to see a number of panels, artists and more (from what I understand that is a huge leg up on San Diego Comi Con). Saturday was by far the busiest day but still very enjoyable. Today was still busy, even though less busy than yesterday. It was a day to check out more awesome panels and see some booths that I had missed.

The convention left me with some very cool things to be excited for. Here are just a few of the highlights:

1. Much Ado About Nothing: First off this is my all time favorite Shakespeare play. The movie trailer and clips that they showed were just so cool. The film is done in black and white in a very noir 1930’s sort of way. I am calling it now, it’s going to be another Joss Whedon cult classic. I also believe this will become one of my favorite movies.

2. The Evil Dead: I am a fan of the classics. This new version looks utterly disgusting and terrifying…it’s going to be EPIC! There was a lot of love put into this movie, those who made the original still love it and those who are making the new one love the old ones as well.

3. The Second Half of Revolution: There was a four month break in the show which was just ridiculous. However, it looks like the rest of the season should be able to make up for it. I was pretty upset by what transpired in the last episode but it seems that that will help propel the story forward.

4. Immortal Instruments: City of Bones: I had heard about this book and it looked interesting but never got around to reading it. The movie looks pretty good and has the potential to be another series for me to get engrossed in.

5. New Books! One of the things I have found enjoyable about conventions is finding new books from little know writers that are looking at getting their work out. They shall be coming up in some Wishlist Wednesdays and possibly some reviews.

In addition to all of the fun that happened at Wondercon two of my favorite shows premiered Game of Thrones and Doctor Who. Though sadly it was season finally of the Walking Dead. It has been a fabulous weekend but this fangirl I think will need the week to recouperate.


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