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Wishlist Wednesday #5 April 3, 2013

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This Wishlist Wednesday is brought to you by Wondercon. As I have mentioned one of the things that I really enjoy about conventions is finding new writers that are a bit below the radar so to speak. I picked up three books that I really look forward to reading and sharing with all of you. The book that I chose for this week, which is the one I can’t wait to read the most, is “Drawing the Dragon” by April Adams.

drawing the dragon

From Goodreads:

Drawing the Dragon is a genre-fusion tale of what happens after humans leave Earth – only scratching the star-strewn surface of what they discover about the universe and themselves. A story about the power of intention, galvanized by compelling villains and passionately charged heroes. Both sides learn that hate consumes reason, love can cross any distance, and reality is what you make it.

Why I want to read it:

Well for starters it has Dragon in the title. I have always loved Dragons and pretty much anything to do with them (hence why I have a Bearded Dragon named Smaug). It just looks like an intriguing book. I peaked at the first paragraph:

”Calph closed is almond shaped eyes and wondered briefly if all was right with the universe. The thought was fleeting, more like a phantom whisper; such as did I eat lunch today?”

My first thought was “There’s elves too!” followed by an admiration for how nicely that paragraph flowed. I now want to know more about Calph. That’s why of the three new books this one is at the top of my Wishlist Wednesday for this week.


Interested in playing along? Put a link to  Pen and Paper on your blog and post a link to your Wishlist Wednesday to their blog. It’s really interesting to see what other people’s Wishlist Wednesday’s are!


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