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A Visit to Diana’s Craft Corner April 5, 2013

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It’s time for a peak into Diana’s craft corner. This is where we look at some of the crafty little creations I have been cooking up. I am so happy to show off my Jayne’s Hat tea cozy. I developed the pattern for the tea cozy on my own. Hopefully, this will become one of the regular items that I will feature on my etsy shop that I plan on opening….someday.

Jaynes hat tea cozy

 I am still working on my Amy replica scarf. It’s taking much longer than I expected to knit it. The Dr. Who costuming people really like their long scarves. On the plus side I got the yarn I need to get started on my 7th Doctor sweater vest. I’m hoping to get started on it rather soon, this way I will be ready to cosplay as 7th doctor.

It’s been a perfect week to get my knitting done. I have been hooked on the show Lost Girl (fantastic show, I highly recommend it), when tension gets tight I have a tendency to yell at the tv and knit faster. And for the record, each character has been yelled at in turn so far.

diana craft corner


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