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The Beauty that is Doctor Who the Movie April 13, 2013

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I have a masochist love of B movies. The worse they are the more I love them. Whether its Army of Darkness or Mega python vs. Gatoroid (aka Debbie Gibbson vs. Tiffany, I highly recommend by the way), I love it. I relish all the bad puns and poor special effects as if they are gorgeous little jewels.

The reason why I bring this up is because the Doctor Who movie fully lands within this category. To watch it as if it were anything else will ruin it. Why? Because they look at everything that is Dr. Who cannon and throw it out the window.

Lets start out with the biggest thing, the Tardis, instead of looking like a space ship which is larger on the inside it looks like a castle that was borrowed from the set of Conan the Barbarian. Except this castle has a Tardis Console and some large weird stone eye thing in the cloister room…

If anyone is familiar with the 7th Doctor, they should know his clothing. You can’t forget and not help but love the bright yellow, turquoise striped sweater with red question marks. Or his umbrella! This version of the 7th Doctor had none of that, he even had a sonic screw driver in his possession. Anyone who has watched the 7th Doctor, would know he never used a sonic screwdriver. They just through it in amongst his effects.

Now the 8th Doctor over all isn’t so bad. Minus that whole weird over dramatic regeneration scene and the fact that he forgets who he is after he has regenerated.  I could get used to him, by the end he wasn’t so bad. I could see him turning into what we now know as the 9th Doctor.

On another note, I liked his companion, Dr. Grace Halloway. She’s a heart surgeon in San Francisco who is intrigued and skeptical of the Doctor. Her intelligence gives her the potential to be a great companion and one of the redeeming features of this movie.

The Master is of course in this movie, however they ruin him too. I won’t give away what they did to him but I will say this, the writers of this movie took every popular piece of American science fiction and combined in with the Dr. Who story. In fact, I devised a drinking game, every time you see some borrowed science fiction in the movie you have to take a drink. If you are feeling adventurous, drink every time they violate Dr. Who cannon but you will never make it through the movie…

The movie was so bad, that halfway through I had to hop on my computer and purchase it. This way I can relive the magic over and over again. If you’ve never seen the movie before, when you watch it don’t take it seriously you’ll just get mad and turn it off about 15 minutes in (30 if you have a stronger constitution). I also recommend watching Doctors 1 through 7 (especially 7) before watching this, so that you can at least be able to point out all the errors.


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