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Top Ten Tuesday Rewind: My Favorite Heroines April 16, 2013

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For this week’s Top Ten I’m going back and doing Top Ten Heroines. These are the women I love to cheer for and sometimes I wish I could be.

1. Alexia Terabotti: Parasol Protectorate Series. She’s half Italian, has a wonderful sense of fashion and has an incredible ability to kick ass in a dignified fashion. She is a heroine written for me!
2. Princess Leia, though primarily known for the movies, but she counts here because of the Star Wars fan fiction that should be looked at. In the books she is just as strong as she is in the movies, except that in the books they delve deeper into her character. She even gets to be a well-respected political leader.
3. Sharahazad: 1,001 Arabian Nights and The Story Teller’s daughter. I love both of these books. In 1,001 Arabian Nights she stands up to a crazed Sultan by telling stories and driving away his inner demons. The Story Tellers daughters told the story of Sharahazad and the Sultan from her perspective. You don’t get the stories but you get to see her inner workings and her courage.
4. Katniss Everdeen: The Hunger Games books. She stands up for her family and up against a government. Plus she shoots arrows, how cool is that?
5. Elphaba: Wicked. Misunderstood, independent and knack for rebelling against authorities.
6. Eva Leroy: Don’t Talk Back to you Vampire. I really enjoy this series which has a rich cast of characters. Eva though I have to say is my favorite. She is a book worm, animal loving mom that’s also a vampire that kicks butt.
7. Elizabeth Bennett: Pride and Prejudice. Independent 19th century woman. A true romantic heroine who isn’t going to fall for the first suitor that comes by.
8. Jessica: I’m the Vampire that’s Why. It’s the first book in the series. She finds herself thrust into a whole new world that she never even knew existed. A world that complicates her already complicated life even more. Through it all she is able to protect her family, sort out her life, fall in love and learns to be a vampire. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.
9. Clair: Outlander Series. She winds up in an impossible situation and makes the best of the hand that she is dealt. Sometimes in life, we have to make up our plans on the fly and sometimes rethink those plans. She’s a great woman that I can find myself easily relating to and admiring.
10. Diana: Discovery of Witches. She is a smart woman, she fights for what she wants and will not be swayed by the powers that be. And I’m not gonna lie, the fact that her name is Diana makes me love her all the more.
I have one honorable mention, Anne Bolyen, yes she is more historical character but her tale has been told so many times in works of fiction and non that she has become a legend. History and most literature consider her a bad guy but really she was put is a woman that strove for power in a time when women could be easily burned at the stake for witch craft just because their neighbor didn’t like the way they were looked at. She is actually a figure I admire and respect.

Looking over all these women I see a definite theme but it’s a good one. What are some of your favorites? Feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear about them! Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. To play along, link to their blog and post a link back to


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