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Wishlist Wednesday #7 April 17, 2013

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Griffin's Daughter

This week’s Wishlist Wednesday is another book I picked up at Wondercon. It’s “Griffin’s Daughter” by Leslie Ann Moore.

From Goodreads:

A young girl lives as a social outcast due to her mixed human and elven blood. To escape an arranged marriage, Jelena flees into the unknown on a quest to find her elven father. Her journey takes her on an unexpected adventure of magic, danger, and most startling of all – true love.

Why I want to read this:

Well key word Elves. A young woman who has to try to find herself through a journey. It has all of the markings of an epic fantasy that will keep me from getting my chores done on the weekends. Sometimes a girl just needs a good epic fantasy to get her through the day.


Interested in playing along? Put a link to  Pen and Paper on your blog and post a link to your Wishlist Wednesday to their blog. It’s really interesting to see what other people’s Wishlist Wednesday’s are!


One Response to “Wishlist Wednesday #7”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Elves! A quest! Sounds like something I’ll definitely need to check out.

    My WW

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