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Book Review: Ghost Planet April 28, 2013

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Ghost Planet

Title/Author: “Ghost Planet” by Sharon Lynn Fisher

Genre: Supernatural/Science Fiction Romance

This book was a pick from The Vaginal Fantasy Bookclub. The earth has a colony planet where aliens attach to humans in the form of a past deceased loved one. These ghosts are not able to speak to or interact with their human hosts.
Elizabeth comes to the planet to work as a psychologist helping people cope with these ghosts. Her boss is the handsome Murphy whom she met once, while touring a college in Ireland. There is only one catch….Elizabeth dies on the way to the planet and she finds that she is actually a ghost imprinted to Murphy. She then has to navigate her way through the tough politics of this world while fighting off her growing feelings for him.

Yeah, that’s not even the big spoiler of the book, you know this right off the bat. Overall I have mixed feelings on this book. I really liked the premise to the point where I skimmed through the romantic parts just to get to more of the sciencey fictiony stuff. I also especially liked Elizabeth, she was a well created character.

My problem with the book was that it felt like there was at least a book and a half squished into one book. There is so much that happens in the second half of the book that it feels like you are moving from topic to topic. The romance grows shallower, there are people’s from Elizabeth’s past that come back that just don’t really fit the story. If the author had either made the book longer or made it a two part series I would have enjoyed it more. There are so many themes and plot lines that just seem to get dropped. For example we never find out the how and the why behind why the aliens imprint the way they do. The mystery just gets deeper but never resolved.

I do recommend reading the book, I did enjoy it. I was glued to what happened next. I just wish there was more to the book, which in the end I suppose is a good problem to have.


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