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Top Ten Tuesday May 7, 2013

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It’s that time again…It’s Top Ten Tuesday, today’s topic is “Top Ten Books When I need Something Light and Fun”

These are the books, whether it’s a new book within a series or going back to an old favorite these are the books I turn to when I just need some fun me time to help drown out the world.


  1. The Parasol Protectorate Series. There is nothing like a big drunken werewolf singing opera in the bathtub to get you giggling and out of a funk.
  2. Native Star followed by the Hidden Goddess. These are just fun romantic steampunk stories that I have so far read at least twice just because I didn’t want them to end.
  3. Broken Heart. These books are my guilty pleasure (for those faint of heart, they are bodice rippers), but they are fun books that I can easily get through within a few days.
  4. A simple Comic book. My favorites are the Star Wars by Dark Horse, Doctor Who (I know there’s a shocker) published by IDW and the Walking Dead Graphic Novels. These are nice little pick me ups  that can be started and finished within a lunch break.
  5. A Chet and Bernie Mystery. There is nothing like a good mystery to get your mind off of your troubles. Especially one that is told from the perspective of a dog.
  6. A good Fairytale Retelling. I loved Fairytales as a kid. Now that I am an adult seeing a more adult  yet fresh perspective on the stories that I loved.
  7. Any one of the Wizard of Oz books. Whether it’s the classic Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz or one of the other Frank L. Baum treasures.
  8. A Brian Froud book. His books are more art than literature but reading and looking at the pictures are just calming and enjoyable.
  9. A Phillipa Gregory Book. Her books are like historical soap operas.  Easy reads, they make escaping for a few hours all the more enjoyable.
  10. A good young adult book. Something like the Hunger Games or Harry Potter because they are just so easy to read.



Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. To play along, link to their blog and post a link back to



2 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday”

  1. comehometobooks Says:

    Somebody else mentioned comic books — I didn’t even think of them when this topic came up. Not that I read them very often, but they are definitely light and fun. Great pick!


  2. dianatierney3 Says:

    Thanks! I thought they would be good given that they are such light reads and I can attest to how nice it is to finish a story from start to finish during a lunch break

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