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Doctor Who Craft Projects May 19, 2013

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It would appear that the doctor has invaded my craft corner, well at least Doctor inspired crafts. I’ve started work on my 7th Doctor Jumper. I’m using a combination of a pattern from Nerdy Knits and fair island style graph that I found online. Where the 4th Doctor’s scarf was challenging in setting up, making sure I had the right colors and length, this is going to be a true challenge in skill. It’s the most intricate design I have ever knitted. Though so far it has come out pretty well if I do say so myself.

Seventh Doctor jumper

The next project in the queue is the 5th Doctors jumper, for Amanda’s cosplay at Galifrey One next year. This one looks to be much simpler than the 7th’s. I can do cables in my sleep but that neck is going to be tricky. Though I say that now, it may be easier once I get into it. The original jumper is long sleeved. For Amanda’s I am making the executive decision to make it sleeveless. She can thank me later when it’s hot in the dealer’s room.

5th Doctor

I’m starting early on these this way I have plenty of time to get them together for next year’s convention. I love the female Doctor Cosplay, however, I think it needs to be done with care otherwise it just looks like sloppy cross dressing. And frankly, if you’re going to cross dress, go all the way. Don’t do it half assed.


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