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Inside the CSA: What to do with all those greens June 1, 2013

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Last week’s CSA was chuck full of greens. I don’t know about other CSA’s but mine has a lovely trade in box for those veggies we really don’t like. I took a peek in the trade in box and found even more lovely greens in the box that I just couldn’t pass up.

It seems like in our current food culture unless it’s spinach or kale we have no use for it. Don’t get me wrong, I love spinach; it has been a steady love affair since I made my mother by the Popeye brand spinach at the supermarket as a kid. However, there are so many other greens that just go to waste.
So the CSA hall I took home with me consisted primarily of Beets, Radishes, mixed greens, spinach, lambs quarters (looks like weeds, tastes like spinach when cooked) and dandelions. I have been eating a lot more salads since I started subscribing to this CSA, causing me to get ever more creative than just your standard cucumbers, green onions and tomatoes. Given an over abundance of Oranges, thanks to my parent’s tree, I have been eating oranges in just about everything I can get my hands on.

As an Italian I am ashamed to say, that I have not been able to make a decent pesto. I know I know! Trust me it has been my dirty little secret for some time. Always having to buy my pesto at Whole foods, hoping that no one noticed. At best, my pesto reminded my husband of grass and bad memories from junior high. At worst, it’s been the consistency of kindergarten glue. Not being one to be defeated, I decided to give it a try with a new set of greens….Radish! Who knew these lovely little greens that usually end up in the waste bin would be so good?
To make the pesto, I mixed olive oil, pine nuts and the radish greens in my handy dandy little food processor until it was the perfect consistency. I then just tossed it with my tortellini and guess what? I finally made a good pesto!

I have found in my 32 years of cooking experience (yes I am counting toddler hood here folks) that there isn’t anything that you can cook in olive oil and garlic that does not taste delicious. So for an easy supper, I cooked together in olive oil and garlic the beet greens, lamb’s quarters and dandelions with a little fresh lemon juice.
Sometimes we need to take a second look at the produce that goes straight from our grocery bags to the trash, you could just be passing up on some great food.


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