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Top Ten Tuesday: Time Travel June 3, 2013

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The theme of this Top Ten Tuesday is Top Ten Books featuring Travel in some way. Well anyone who has ever read this blog can surmise that I have a bit of a thing for time travel. So this week’s Top Ten Tuesday is Top Ten Books featuring Time Travel.

1. The Time Machine by H.G. Wells A true classic. It is the pinnacle of all Time Travel Books, films etc, etc. As I have said before: All time travel stories are judged against this one.

2. River of No Return by Bee Ridgeway. I will be doing a review of this book soon, however, in the mean time trust me when I say this: Fantastic read, excellent time travel theories.

3. Outlander #1 By Diana Gabaldan this book has such a fresh take on Time Travel. Our main character Clair stumbles in to the late 1700’s Scotland where danger and passion ensue. It feels just as much as a historical fiction piece as it does a sci fi romance.

4. Outlander #2 Dragon Fly in Amber by Diana Gabaldan, I was just addicted to this book. There are very few books where I can go straight from one book in a series to the next without taking a break. As soon as I finished the first book in the series I HAD to pick up the 2nd. Reading these books often times feels like feeding an addiction.

5. And with that said Outlander #3 Voyager is next on our list. It’s another great book where Claire and Jaimie finally get back together. That first scene where they meet up again is one of the most endearing scenes I have ever read. I will admit I am still reading this book. I have to start and stop because the book makes me sad. It makes me start to think about my husband who is currently deployed and I have to stop and take a break. Not to mention, these books, are like reading marathons.

6. Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban Hermoine Granger has the coolest necklace that lets her travel around in time to take extra classes and save the day…it is the ultimate geek girl accessory.

7. Slaughter House Five by Kurt Vonnegut Now stay with me here. Though the time traveling is a plot device, and arguable this is not really a time travel book…our main character becomes unstuck in time as we get pulled along for the ride. And as my father says Kurt Vonnegut is a pillar of modern literature.

8. Shadow of Night by Deborah Harness one of my favorite literary couples travels back in time for page turning adventure filled with intrigue.

9. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle I read this as a child and absolutely loved it. So much so that I think I am going to have to revisit it in the near future. Time Travel is 5th dimension, how cool is that? All in all it’s a great book for the young and the young at heart.

10. And last but not least we have to have The New Doctor Who Adventures: Strange England by Simon Messingham. How could I write a whole post about time travel and not include the doctor? I love that the fandom has a number of different books, audio books, and comics to keep the adventures going with our most beloved Doctor incarnations. This one just happens to be with one my top 11 favorites: Sylvester Mccoy.

So there you have it. These are my favorite books featuring Time Travel. I mean let’s face it, if I had the opportunity to travel around in time, I would take off and never look back.

Interested in playing along? Post a link of The Broke and the Bookish in your post, then go ahead and post one on their page.


7 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Time Travel”

  1. Geraldine Says:

    I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!!! I plan on reading the books soon though…., Just need to somehow find them…
    You’ve also piqued my interest with the Outlander books; you’ve put three of them on this list, so they must be pretty good~

  2. dianatierney3 Says:

    I have found with Outlander you either love or hate it. I will warn you it is not.for the faint of heart. There are some.triggers. I got my books from Gallifrey One in February but I am sure you can probably find them on Amazon.

  3. ChrissiReads Says:

    I can’t believe that I didn’t think of Harry Potter to put on my list!

  4. Lisa Says:

    Hurray for time travel! I have to say that yours is one of the few lists I’ve seen where I can claim to know and love ALL of the books. I put Voyager on my list too, but so many of these are my favorites, new and old. Hang in there with your husband’s deployment. As a former Navy wife, I know it’s really hard and can get really lonely. I hope you have a good network of family and friends for support — and there’s nothing like a good book to keep you company and take your mind away from your everyday worries! Terrific list this week — wishing you all the best. 🙂

    My TTT

  5. dianatierney3 Says:

    I liked your list too but refuse to read it to closely because I always end up with more books on my ever growing to read list. Though I have to say I wastempted to add Red Shirts as an honorable mention. It’s such a great book.

    The Outlander books are really a testament to how a book can tap into a particular emotion in a person. All of Diana’s books really have an element that taps into certain threads for people for better or worse.

    And I have to say its always great connecting with another military spouse. I do have a really great network of friends and family to rely on. It makes life so much easier when you are feeling down.

  6. Maggie Says:

    Great list! I love time travel books, though somehow I’ve missed the Outlander series. Will have to pick them up one of these days! I did a Top Ten on time travel last week for the freebie. You can read it here:

    • dianatierney3 Says:

      I will have to look at the list when I get a chance this evening. I was actually thinking when I was doing this top ten that I haven’t read enough Time travel books (though when it comes to movies and shows I think I have seen them all)

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