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Top Ten Books Most Likely to go on Vacation with me June 12, 2013

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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is a bit late, but I have good reason! I went to hear Buzz Aldrin speak at the Richard Nixon Library, followed by a book signing. He is an interesting speaker, I highly recommend it. He has some interesting stories.
So without further Ado:

Top Ten Books I am most likely to bring with me to Costa Rica

That’s right, this summer the husband and I are headed down to Costa Rica for a week. Now while he plans on doing some fishing, I will be spending a good chunk of that time sitting by the pool reading. If it rains? I will be enjoying a day in bed….reading. It’s good to have a back up plan.

So these are the top books in the running for my vacation poolside reads.

1. The Confessions of Catherine De Medici by CW Gortner. Catherine De Medici is one of history’s most controversial women. Often painted as the villain, in this book we get to see another side of her. I love books that take another look at history’s most hated characters. Treachery, political intrigue and woman placed in an impossible situation. Just the right book to get caught up in by the pool.

2. Winter’s Tale: A retelling of “The Snow Queen” by Cameron Dokey. Ok besides this being an interesting retelling, I just love the contrast of reading about a cold wintery world while enjoying tropical jungle temperatures.

3. Chocolat by Joanne Harris. So one of the things I will be doing while on this trip I will be touring a sustainable chocolate farm. What better way to gear myself up for a chocolate jungle adventure than to read about a chocolate shop causing a scandal in rural France?

4. Dragonflight by Anne Mcaffrey So I love reptiles, in my head they are the closest thing to getting my own pet dragon. Costa Rica, is covered with the likes or iguanas, crocodiles and other cool scaley critters. Our resort itself has crocodiles. The story of a girl who befriends a dragon queen just seems so fitting for this adventure.

5. The Key Lime Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke This is a new series that I recently stumbled upon. Pastry chef and sometimes sleuth has to find the murderer of a fellow pie contest judge. There is nothing like a good murder mystery by a pool..

6. Life after Life by Kate Atkinson. Ursala Todd dies repeatedly but as she keeps coming back it’s made clear that there is indeed something special about her. Dark and comedic, this sounds like a good book to pass the time away.

7. Stardust by Neil Gaiman I love the movie and am just looking forward to reading the book at some point this summer whether on vacation or at home.

8. Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick When a girl makes a deal to be seen as the most beautiful person in the world to everyone who sees her, her world is turned upside down. Until she finds the love of her life that must see her for who she really is. It’s kind of like a reverse Beauty and the Beast, how can I not want to read that?

9. The Madman’s Daughter by Meghan Shepherd So Juliet Moreau is 16 and living working as a maid in London, trying to distance herself from her father’s legacy. Until she learns that he is up to no good and she travels to the remote tropical island to see the truth for herself. Gothic thriller set on a tropical island? Yes Please!!

10. Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton. Michael has always written a great suspense book. In 1665 Captain Hunter is off to infiltrate an enemy Spanish island in search of a dangerous Spanish treasure.


Here is a picture from my adventure tonight. (Notice the Doctor Who?)


me and buzz



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