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Book Review: The Witch of Little Italy June 16, 2013

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Witch of Little Italy

TITLE/AUTHOR: The Witch of Little Italy/ Suzanne Palmieri

GENRE: Fiction

Last Thursday I was killing some time before an appointment and was of course spending it wandering around my local Barnes and Noble just browsing for a hidden treasure. I was taking the escalator back down to the first floor and I saw this beautiful book just sitting on the table. I couldn’t help but immediately picking it up to read more about it.

When Eleanor finds herself pregnant and alone she turns to the only family she has left, her grandmother and great aunts. The only problem is that she has no memory of them. In fact she has no memory of her childhood from before the age of ten. This includes her grandmother, aunts and Anthony her childhood love.

When Eleanor gets to her grandmother’s home, she starts to remember and in these memories she starts to unravel her family secrets. Secrets that will change her life forever. She also finds that she has the Amore women’s gift of the sight and is able to tell the future.

I loved this book. From the very beginning it felt like I was reading a modern fairytale. The characters were all just real. I could easily picture Mimi, Itsy or Fee sitting around my family’s kitchen table telling stories. They are loveable and flawed and simply perfect.

Thought the magical powers play a role in the story, it’s more of a plot device to keep the story progressing forward. The intrigue as to why Eleanor can’t remember, how the Amore family lost the bulk of its family members in one day and how Eleanor will grow into her own woman carries far more weight in the overall arc of the story.

It’s a quick and easy read perfect for summer. It’s filled with mystery, love, suspense and just really everything I love for a summer read.


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