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My Very First Food Swap! June 23, 2013

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central oc food swap


Today I was introduced to a lovely concept called a food swap. Food Swaps are wonderful events of people networking and trading goods with each other. There is apparently a whole bunch around southern California. It was great to be able to swap out some of my canned goods for items that I don’t grow or can’t make.My table

This is my table of goodies, I brought with me an assortment of jams, jellies, chutneys and some tangelos I got from my parent’s tree. For the jams and jellies I brought rosemary, wine and earl grey tea jelly; peach chutney, Tomato basil jam and some marmalade. I was a bit surprised at how fast my savory jams went. The rosemary and tomato basil were the first to go.


my loot

And this is what I got in return! I made out like a bandit. In this picture you see 2 different types of hummus, zucchini relish (technically I got 3, only one is shown), rosemary, zucchini, salsa, flan, pickles, homemade yogurt with dates and caramel, a ton of apricots and some backyard eggs that I plan on coveting for the delicious jewels they are.

In addition to all of the wonderful goodies I met some wonderful people. I got to talk about the Doctor with a fellow whovian, discuss renfairs with a fellow renny and enjoy some lovely conversation with the head of Rainbow Farm. Such a lovely time with old and new friends.
The plan is to have these swaps every 6 to 8 weeks. The best thing to do would be to follow the Central OC Food Swap on Facebook for updates. Even if you don’t can or don’t have a garden, bake some cookies or other fresh goodies to trade. It is a wonderful time full of food and community.


Well now I have to go make some apricot jam with my new load of apricots.


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