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The Great Kefir Experiment of 2013 July 8, 2013

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After getting my kefir fed and set up in its new home i set about doing some research. Kefir is a cultured product that contains friendly probiotics. Kefir comes in little grains (even though they aren’t) that look like this.

Kefir grains

It can be made with water, coconut, soy, rice or milk (goat, cow or sheep). The type that I currently have growing in my kitchen is your standard milk variety. Here is my kefir in it’s new home:


Kefir can’t touch any metal. The kefir, is in a glass mason jar with coffee filters over the top to keep flies out and let some of the gas out as well.

When I did my research I found an overwhelming amount information on the health benefits. Kefir contributes to a healthy immune system, has a tranquilizing effect on the nervous system (helping with sleep disorders, depression and ADHD). Kefir can also relieve intestinal disorders and creates healthier digestive system (that whole probiotic thing).  Once the body has balanced itself out it can absorb nutrients better. It is also rich in vitamins B12, B1 and K. And if your lactose intolerant, no problem, Kefir eats the lactose sugars found in milk.

I’ve been able to make a decent yogurt which I am now experimenting with. I’ve tried it with jam and fruit and so far so good. For breakfast I’m trying a mango juice, kefir yogurt and coco. This weekend after I harvest some more yogurt from my kefir I’ll be experimenting with some baking recipes I’ve come across.

This is my first attempt at a kefir recipe: Earl Grey Jelly, Kefir and fresh plums

Kefir and jam

So far this Kefir experiment has been pretty fun. It’s a cross between having a new pet and a houseplant. I have to feed it and care for it daily while I watch it grow. I will definitely post more about my experiments as the results come in.


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