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B Movies and the People Who love them July 14, 2013

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(Photo From the Movie Sharknado from the Syfy Channel)


At a recent family dinner my father and I tried to explain the gloriousness of “Manos, The hands of Fate” to some family members. They didn’t get our love for the horrible movie, however, there are many of us that have a fond love of horrible movies.

But why are we masochists? Why sit through an hour and a half of god awful acting, bad camera shots, and cheesy writing? To those of that love bad movies what others see as torture we see as a fun and enjoyable train wreck.

I can’t explain the draw for everyone but for me I find them hilarious. Whether they are trying to take themselves seriously or know what they are and are wallowing in it just as much as I am. Even if I am watching the movie by myself, I can be found talking to the television making jokes adding to the dialogue with my own commentary. Often it is even more fun with a group as you laugh and joke at the ridiculousness on the screen.

“Sharknada” made headlines this week with the Twitter explosion that occurred on the night it premiered. Just search under #sharknado to see what I am talking about. It was like one big movie viewing party.  I love that the Syfy channel is keeping this genre alive with made for tv movies that are just brilliant. Sharknado was just most recent movie in a long line of fantastic made for tv B movies.

If you’re not sure where to start with the wonderful world of B Movies here is a list of some of the great movies to get you into this cultural phenomenon:

Manos the Hands of fate: the story of an unsuspecting family that stumbles upon the cult of Manos on a fateful trip through Texas. It’s in black and white, a true classic. Keep an eye out for Manos, the Hands of Felt, a new take on this brilliant classic.

Army of Darkness:  “First you want to Kill me, then you want to kiss me” You can’t be a fan of B movies unless you have watched this movie, at least twice. It is the quintessential B movie. It’s also part of what makes Bruce Campbell so awesome.

Doctor Who The movie: I really do mean this with all love and sincerity, it is a horrible movie and they completely screw up the Doctor Who cannon. And of course I love it for just that. You can’t help but laugh the whole way through. Even as a diehard fan I have to laugh, I can’t take the movie as seriously as those who created it did.

The Room: Oh the room. I was recently introduced to this gem from my dear friend Antonia. It is ridiculous and horribly acted and I love every bit of it. “You’re tearing me apart Lisa!” is the Stella of our generation.

Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid: Yes folks they use term gateroid. This movie takes my childhood heroines of Debbie Gibson and Tiffany and pits them against each other in a glorious epic battle.

Jersey Shore Shark Attack: Because it makes fun of every single Italian Stereotype and my “favorite” jersey shore people.

And finally anything by Mystery Science theater 2000. They show a number of B movies with hilarious commentary to go along with it.

For better or worse, I am one of the people who loves these movies and their attempts to be something glorious.


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