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Diana’s Top Ten Literary Turn Offs July 22, 2013

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This week’s topic is Top Ten Literary Turn offs. As a disclaimer this will be a fairly cranky post listing all my pet peeves. I already hear the Beetles at my window yelling “Hey Mister? Can we have our ball back?”

1. Twighlit I am so sick of everything that has to do with this series of books. I hate the characters; I hate the story line and anything that is related to those books. If a book says that it is a fan fiction of twighlit or is just like twighlit I’m out. I know it’s the ultimate crumudgen point but there are so many other really good vampire/werewolf stories out there and Bella just really really really gets on my nerves.

2. Domineering Male Characters Male characters written so strongly that they not only overshadow the female characters but they try to push the strong ones around. There is a distinct difference between the two alpha personalities going at it versus the one major alpha personality just trying to run the show.

3.  16 year olds with mid life crises I am sorry but when you are 16 you don’t have to have it figured out. You don’t always find the love of your life. I can’t stand these YA books that have these teenagers that are struggling to figure everything out. The end result: I feel old and like I looser, I didn’t have my life figured out until I was in my 20’s.

4.  Strong Main Stream Religious Themes. I am not an organized religion kind of girl and books with these themes for me are just a turn off.

5.  Military. Live with a soldier. Have a bunch of military stuff around the house. Spent 3 years living by a base. Have absolutely no desire at all whatsoever to read anything fiction or non fiction that has to do with the military.

6.  Legal Thrillers In my day job I am a paralegal. From 9-5 I eat, breathe and sleep law. I am also a board member of the Orange County Paralegal Association. Though I love being a paralegal and a board member, when I tuck into a book I want to escape. I don’t want to be reminded of work or a board meeting or something that I need to do.

7.  Weak Willed Women these characters are just so hard for me to get behind. How can you root for someone who is supposed to be your heroine when they can’t even make up their mind.

8.  Erroneous Facts on Real Events.  When writing a piece of historic fiction there is a certain amount of literary license an author gets when writing the story. Ok you smudge a relationship or two. You fill in some blanks in an age old mystery but as the Doctor says: YOU CAN’T CHANGE A FIXED POINT IN TIME. Get the big stuff right. Take the time to study your history. There are certain things you cannot fudge or change. Dates, people, certain cultures interacting before their time(Dan Brown, I’m looking at you).

9.  Dues Ex Machina or Force Measure Endings. These are the endings where your characters are in a horrible situation and then all of a sudden the hand of God (or the writer in this case) causes an earthquake, hurricane, a certain horcrux placed in just front of the main character at just the right time….yeah total turn off.

10. Too Many Parallel Story Lines When done properly this can be a really effective style. However, when you have too many differing voices or points of view as a reader I just get lost and frustrated.

So hopefully I didn’t sound too cranky. If you want to play along just post a link to the Broke and the bookish on your blog and then one on to theirs.


5 Responses to “Diana’s Top Ten Literary Turn Offs”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Can I just say, ditto? For at least most of your points! I actually liked the Twilight books at the beginning — maybe not the best writing, but they sure were hard to put down. But then the Twilight phenomenon exploded and I just felt like — c’mon, they’re really not worth all that fuss! But yes, also, on the domineering men/weak women (I take it you’re not a fan of 50 Shades…), the deus ex machina endings, and shoddy historical fiction! (Bonus points for quoting the Doctor!) Great list!

    • dianatierney3 Says:

      I kept trying to like them, I even watched some of the movies but the characters and the whole Omg my life is going to be over after I turn 18 just totally turned me off. And thank you, I always pat myself on the back when I am able to quote the Doctor in something non Doctor who related

  2. ChrissiReads Says:

    Fabulous list. I agree with the domineering men/weak women. It’s just a bit pathetic!

  3. Kelly L. Says:

    Reading about controlling male characters is a HUGE turnoff for me to. As for military books, I’ll probably fall asleep while reading them.
    And I totally get your frustration on erroneous facts on real events. I’m totally going to avoid reading a Dan Brown book now.
    Awesome list you have there! ;D

    My TTT

    • dianatierney3 Says:

      Thank you! I really liked the Davinci Code, and have heard good things about Inferno (my dad who is pretty much a Dante’s Inferno expert liked the book) but after Angel’s and Demons I vowed never to pick up another one of his books. In the book the main character states that the Christians got their idea for cannibalism (and I can’t remember if he lumped human sacrifice in this too) from the Aztecs. Now at the time I read this book I had just finished studying Nutritional Anthropology and we did a detailed look at the Aztecs and I can assure you, the Christian Religion was well underway with it’s pseudo cannibalistic communion practices (if you want to look at communion that way) LONG before they met the Aztecs. but that kind of thing just annoys me to no end!

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