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A to Z Bookish Survey August 14, 2013

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This was something I found on Bookshelf Fantasies who got it from the Perpetual Page Turner. If you are interested in playing along post a link to your blog post on this in the comments. I would love to read how you answered.

Author read the most from: The winner for this one is Philippa Gregory. I apparently can’t get enough of the English Monarchy.

Best Sequel Ever: Changeless by Gail Carigger, when I think of book sequels this one is the one that comes to mind as being the best.

Currently Reading: Technically Life after Life though I meant to start reading Zeus Inc.

Drink of Choice: Tea. If it’s good enough for the Doctor during a regeneration, it’s good enough for me to drink while reading.

E-Reader or Physical Book: Both actually, I go through phases where I only want paper books, then there are times when I just keep getting e readers.

Fictional Character I would have most likely dated in high school: Pretty surprisingly, I was shy, uncertain of myself and quiet in high school, unless I was around a select group of people that I felt comfortable with. I think if I had to choose someone, it probably would have been Neville Longbottom. We would have gotten along quite well.

Glad you gave this book a chance: Red Shirts. Some girls in one of my book clubs had to push me to read it and I am really glad I did.

Hidden Gem: The Witch of Little Italy. Check out my review here to see why.

Important Reading Moment in your life: My earliest memory of reading was taking my Teddy Ruxpin books (Teddy Ruxpin was the best!!) back into my bed ridden grandfather’s bedroom and reading to him.

Just Finished: Gorgeous…Loved that book!

Kinds of Books I won’t Read: Military and Law. Too close to real life.

Longest Book I ever read: Take your pick from the Game of Thrones or the Outlander Series

Major Book Hangover Because: I have gotten so into a story that real life just doesn’t feel the same. It also makes it hard to get into another book.

Number of book cases: Ok now technically I have 11 bookcases. That is counting part of a coffee table, the top part of a wooden chest that I display books on and then there are some near the reptile teraniums because there is space…oh and does the box of books stored in the bathroom cabinet count?

One book you have read multiple times: The interpreter of Maladies by Jumpha Lahiri. I love this book. It’s a collection of some of the most wonderful short stories I have ever read.

Preferred place to read: I can really read just about anywhere. Case in point: while spending my afternoon at the spa last Saturday (which was amazing btw) I found a spot in the quiet room and got lost in my book for about an hour before my treatment.

Quote that inspires you/ gives you all the feels from a book your read: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society has two about reading that I actually really love:
“Perhaps there is some secret sort of homing instinct in books that brings them to their perfect readers. How delightful if that were true.”


“That’s what I love about reading; one tiny thing will interest you in a book, and that tiny thing will lead you onto another book, and another bit there will lead you onto another book.”

Reading Regret: Twighlit.

Series that I started that I need to Finish: Outlander. I am on book three. I really need to finish the series. However, if you ask my best friend, she will tell you I need to finish the Game of Thrones series (I am on book three of that as well)

Three of my all time favorite Books:
1. The Grapes of Wrath
2. To Kill a Mocking Bird
3. Soulless
Unapologetic Fangirl for: Have you seen my blog?? The better question is what am I not a fangirl of. (by the way, putting in a plug for my new feature I am starting called Fangirl Friday to share all the things in my fandoms that I am excited for).

Very Excited for this release more than all the others: The Untitled 3rd book in the All Souls Trilogy.

Worst book habit: Reading multiple books at the same time…if my Goodreads currently reading list is to be believed, I am reading 4 books at the moment…

X Marks the spot (go to a bookshelf and count 7 in from the top left): Boy by Roald Dahl

Your Last purchase: Life after Life. You see I picked up a sample and started reading, only because I hadn’t downloaded Zeus inc to my nook yet. And then I got hooked on the sample I was casually reading and then I just HAD to buy it.

Zzzz Snatcher (last book that kept you up all night): That would be Ocean at the End of the Lane. I was 50 pages away from finishing at 12:30 in the morning as I was literally falling asleep while reading…


2 Responses to “A to Z Bookish Survey”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Wow, where to begin? Such great answers! Our book tastes are very in sync — I love that you picked Changeless for your best sequel, and hurray for All Souls, Gorgeous, Game of Thrones, & Outlander! (Yes, finish these series! So amazing…) I think I lost sleep over Ocean at the End of the Lane as well — just couldn’t stop! I picked Severus Snape for my high school date, so perhaps he and I could double with you and Neville?? Looking forward to your Fangirl Fridays!

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