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Fangirl Friday August 16, 2013

Filed under: Fan Girl Awesomeness — dianatierney3 @ 9:05 pm

Welcome to the first edition of Fangirl Friday. This is a feature where I look at all of the news in my fandoms that makes this fangirl happy.
The first of which is this awesome anniversary present:


Yes, that is a framed autograph of Matt, Karen and Arthur. I would say that goes in the Top Ten Best Anniversary presents ever. And on that Doctor Who note, I simply can’t wait for the 50th anniversary special. I am already making plans to host a Whovian Thanksgiving to watch the special.

In case you haven’t heard, Star Wars Celebration is coming to Anaheim in April of 2015. Two years, away, yes but that gives me ample time to plan my princess Leia cosplay attire. I’m thinking an episode IV one day and an episode V outfit the next. It’s also going to give the husband enough time to get his gear together. He has plans on joining the 501st (the official stormtrooper cosplay group). I never knew how much work it took to put one of those suits of armor together until he started researching it. But as they say the couple that cosplays together, stays together…

In TVland I am super excited, they have started releasing photos of Downton Abbey for season 4. I am really looking forward to where they are taking the show, it needs some changing up. .

BRanson and baby sybil   (isn’t that just adorable??)


Also, on that note, Hell on Wheels just premiered with its 3rd season last week. If you have never seen the show, get on Netflix and get caught up. I don’t say this lightly, the show is bad ass. It’s a classic gritty western with just a superb cast.


I am also both saddened and disheartened that I have to wait until October 8th, for Joss Wheden’s Much ado about nothing to come out on DVD. I have been going through some serious Benedict and Beatrice withdrawals. However, the soundtrack is out and it is such a lovely soundtrack. It begs to ask the question: is there anything that Joss Wheden can’t do?
Though to ease my pain, Once Upon a Time Season 2 is out on DVD. Well at least one of my withdrawals will be sedated for a while.


2 Responses to “Fangirl Friday”

  1. Lisa Says:

    In answer to your question: No, there is nothing Joss Whedon can’t do! I’m glad to hear there’s a release date for the Much Ado DVD (even if it’s not until October). Nice feature! (says one fangirl to another…)

  2. dianatierney3 Says:

    Thank you! Have you listened to the soundtrack to the movie? it’s my go to music for when I can’t sleep.

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