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Book Review: Gorgeous August 18, 2013

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TITLE: Gorgeous

AUTHOR: Paul Rudnick

GENRE: Fiction

Three dress, one red, one white and one black are all that was needed to change Becky Randle’s existence. When her morbidly obese mother passes away Becky is given the choice to accept the three dresses to become Rebecca Randle, the most beautiful woman in the whole world or to go back to her measly existence as Becky Randle from East Trawley Missouri. There is only one catch, she has to fall in love and get married within one year. But when she finds someone can she get him to lover her for her, or for the person that he thinks she is?

This was a great summer read. It was also a great spa read. I brought with me to a recent trip to Burke Williams where I curled up in the quiet room and got lost in the story for a good hour. Of course, only a bookworm would look forward to quiet uninterrupted reading time at a spa. I literally was just as excited about the cozy nooks in the quiet rooms as was about the sauna…

This book is really cleverly written. It reminded me of a cross between a modern Cinderella and a beauty and the beast. It does have a have a bit of a young adult feel to it but not so much so that you are rolling your eyes, there is a definite maturity factor involved. Granted, it is a little cheesy at times but that goes with the whole fairytale theme. At times the book had me laughing out loud and have been equally touched by some of the scenes.
If you are looking for a book to give you a little break from reality this is the book to pick up.


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