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Fan Girl Friday August 22, 2013

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Fan Girl Friday

So exciting, I saw my first commercial for Agents of shield, I am so excited to have Agent Coulson back. And can I just say what everyone else is thinking, it’s about time Joss Wheden did a show on a network other than Fox, because it actually has a chance to make it to the second season.  Clark Gregg alone makes it a wonderful show but to add in Ming-Na Wen to the mix makes it all the more better. I have adored her in Eureka and Stargate Universe and can’t wait for what she will bring to Agents of Shield.

Long time fellow Whovian Peter Jackson has said that he would direct an episode of Doctor Who if they show gave him a Dalek. When Moffat was asked about this he said that he would like to make that happen. I am calling it now: Peter Jackson directs, Neil Gaiman writes. My little geek heart would explode with joy if that could happen. One can dream, especially with a new season and Doctor on the horizon.

One of the dates that my husband and I like to take are dinner and comic book store. Usually it’s me plunking myself in front of the graphic novels section or digging through the Star Wars/Doctor Who/Wonder Woman sections while he wonders through the collectables or finds the oddest comic books possible (ie: Howard the Duck comics). Anyway, I just love the Dark Horse Comics. They have been bringing back some of the greatest storylines and have produced some really great new ones. The latest series that I am obsessed with right now is Star Wars Legacy. In Star Wars Legacy we meet Ania Solo, Han and Leia’s great-great granddaughter. She is kind of like a female Han Solo, and there are evil sith and the galaxy has gone bad…my kind of story line. I am actually obsessed with this comic right now. I just love the premise and the characters. I haven’t been this excited over a comic of any sort since I discovered there was a Last Unicorn graphic novel (which is now in my collection).

If you haven’t heard yet, Ben Afflack has been named the new Batman, I am honestly not sure how I feel about this. I mean he can pull of the privileged boy with too much money on his hands but really Bruce Wayne? I don’t see him having the whole superhero air about him. And they are pairing him with Henry Cavill’s Superman. REALLY??? Maybe this is his attempt to redeem himself from the disaster that was Daredevil. He really is a great actor, but a superhero? I can’t buy it. At least not yet. I mean they could always make Matt Damon Robin Hood, get Miramax involved and it could be the superhero version of Good Will Hunting…

The only thought I for sure have on this is that can we finally stop with the Batman movies for a bit, just a bit, and do a female superhero movie? I have given up hope that a Wonder Woman will actually happen but it would be nice to get a Black Widow  or some other cool relatable Super Heroine.


8 Responses to “Fan Girl Friday”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I’m SO excited for Agents of SHIELD. Still wondering how Agent Coulson’s presence will be explained post-Avengers, but in Joss I trust!

  2. michelepluss Says:

    If they’re going to keep going with Batman, they could at least bring our girls Poison Ivy and Harlequin into it… I just had a flash of Emma Stone as Ivy and I’m pretty sure she could rock it

    • dianatierney3 Says:

      oh she would! but I think the George Clooney movie ruined any chance of getting another poison Ivy brought back…

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