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It’s Hiatus Time August 27, 2013

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Well a decision has been made on the books coming with me. In addition to Beautiful Ruins, it looks like I will be bringing Body and Bread and Letters for Skye along as well. Though I am bringing my nook along with me, I felt the need to have at least one book in traditional book form just in case of an emergency. Remember kids, always pack an emergency book.

So, I had planned on just picking up the Beautiful Ruins, especially since I had a number of things on my to do list that I needed to do, you know, like pack clothes. But then I thought “hey I can spend a few minutes looking around” at least 10 minutes later…possibly longer, I discovered, “The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic,” “The Wishing Thread,” and a new Star Wars book for the husband. It’s only fair, he gets one book for every 4 books or so.

It has been lovely having the husband home, we have been enjoying our time together, getting into trouble and just geeking out together. Whether it is just watching Heroes of Cosplay or going on a shopping spree at the comic store it’s been great.

We also checked out the new Australian exhibit at the San Diego Zoo. It is by far my favorite zoo, between their fantastic reptile exhibit and what they do for animals in general, I love just paling around there. Anyway, the exhibit is pretty interesting. So I know koalas are very popular and all but I am more of a kangaroo girl. They are way more interesting. I would like to see them add more kangaroos to the area and perhaps a Tazmanian Devil. Those little critters are so ugly they are cute! When Ryan and I were in Australia I dragged him to every zoo possible. At the Adelaide Zoo we spent a significant amount of time watching one pace back and forth across it habitat and chatting with the volunteer who was keeping track of how many times it paced.

Without much prompting I have joined Bloglovin. Just one look and it’s clear to see how cool it is. So now that I am on there feel free to come follow me.   Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Well with that, I believe it is time for me to go on Hiatus until September 13th. I’ll catch you on the flip side.


3 Responses to “It’s Hiatus Time”

  1. Kristen Says:

    I absolutely love the photo

  2. Lisa Says:

    I love your ratios — 4 books for you, 1 for your husband. Sounds about right! Enjoy your vacation, and your books!

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