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Top Ten Books on my Fall To-Read List September 16, 2013

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The weather is getting cooler, certain wonderful foods are coming in to season and it’s boot weather. So with these lovely seasonal additions comes my reading list for the fall to accompany all my favorite things.
1. Some Kind of Fairytale: Peter Martin is called home for Christmas to find that his missing sister has shown up. But not everything she says makes sense, she’s been gone for nearly 20 years and she looks much like she did the day she left. Peter soon discovers that there is something within the woods by his family home. This just sounds mysterious and otherworldly.
2. The Devil’s Queen A novel of Catherin Medici….need I really say more? She is one of the most villainised women in history. I can’t wait to read another version of her story.
3. The Witch’s Daughter: After seeing her mother swing from the gallows in the 1600’s Bess finds a way to keep herself alive, and in the present day she takes in a teenage girl and finds herself having to face the fears she ran from centuries ago.
4. Moon Called: I am one of the few people in the world that have not started reading this series and that needs to change.
5. Pomegranate Soup: this is actually a Slow Food Book Club pick. The Story of two sisters who move from Iran to Ireland and open up a restaurant just sounds like an interesting clash of cultures.
6. The Wishing Thread: The Van Rippers are said to knit people’s most ardent wishes into beautiful scarves and mittens. When the matriarch dies her three nieces, sisters must come back to the little town forces them to reassess their lives and their relationship to each other.

7. The Graveyard book: I need to read at least one Neil Gaiman book a season so that one day I can be caught up with all of his works. This book just looks perfect for fall season. A little boy is raised in a graveyard by ghosts. How perfectly clever is that??
8. Gone Girl: Recently a friend has been raving about Gillian Flynn’s books so it’s time to see what the fuss is all about. In this book a marriage has gone terribly wrong and the wife goes missing but is it really the husband or something else?
9. The Warlocks Curse: So over the weekend I was pleasantly surprised to find that the M.K. Hobson has written another book in what I have to say is my second favorite steampunk series. Can’t wait to read it! AND to make it even better, there is a fourth one coming out in December of this year.
10. Practical Magic: I love love love love the movie. But have never read the book. It’s about time I change that.
So these are the books I will be reading this fall. Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. If you want to play along, post a link on their site to your blog and then post a link them from your blog.


3 Responses to “Top Ten Books on my Fall To-Read List”

  1. meganmoffat Says:

    All of these sound fantastic!

    You can see my list here if you want.

  2. C Says:

    Oh Gone Girl. I hope you love it, it’s very twisted!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Great choices! Some personal favorites of mine — I love the Patricia Briggs books (Mercy Thompson is a terrific lead character), The Graveyard Book is amazing, and I really liked Some Kind of Fairytale as well (check out Graham Joyce’s The Silent Land too!). And Practical Magic… and Gone Girl… makes me think I need to add the other books on your list to my TBR list right away! I hope you get to all of these, and enjoy!

    My TTT

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