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Book Review: Body and Bread September 28, 2013

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Body and bread


From Goodreads:

Years after her brother Sam’s suicide, Sarah Pelton remains unable to fully occupy her world without him in it. Now, while her surviving brothers prepare to sell the family’s tenant farm and a young woman’s life hangs in the balance, Sarah is forced to confront the life Sam lived and the secrets he left behind. As she assembles the artifacts of her family’s history in east Texas in the hope of discovering her own future, images from her work as an anthropologist—images of sacrifice, ritual, and death—haunt her waking dreams.

In this moving debut novel, Nan Cuba unearths the power of family legacies and the indelible imprint of loss on all our lives.

My thoughts:
I was really disappointed. This book looked so good. I really like Nan’s writing style. It was easy for me to read and she was able to suck me into the storyline.
The problem I had with the book though is that a lot of it revolved around estate planning law and I didn’t realize this was a book that dealt with law, so that was a surprise. I’m not just a paralegal, I’m an estate planning paralegal. So as I am reading this book on vacation by the pool I am finding myself analyzing the law that she references which makes me think about work, which leads me to remember how much time I have left on the vacation….which does not lead to a happy Diana. And seriously, any lawyer in his right mind who knows that the other party has an attorney representing them will NOT under any circumstances meet with said party without their attorney present. Ethics 101 people. (see why I don’t read books that deal with law)
My other problems with the book, the main characters aren’t likeable. The only character I could find that I liked and could connect to was the brother that died. Her other brothers were jerks and just super Christian and not in the good lets give Christians a good name way. More like hey lets perpetuate all the stereotypes that those who aren’t Christian hate.
I also found the main character to be cold and unrelatable. There wasn’t a single trait of her in her adult years that I could latch on to, to help me try to like her. It felt like there wasn’t much depth.
So unfortunately for me this one was a bust. However, I won’t give up on the author. This was her debut novel but since I like her over all style of writing I am willing to try another book of hers.


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