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Why I Food Swap October 13, 2013

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Today was another wonderful food swap in central Orange County. One of the attendees mentioned that after watching the Walking Dead, this is the way of the future.  As I sit and enjoy some of my well traded for goodies while watching the AMC Walking Dead marathon ahead of the season premiere, I can’t help but think the same thing.

There doesn’t necessarily need to be a Zombie Apocalypse to realize how very essential this is to the future of our food culture.  It’s no great secret that we are losing our food culture to the likes of the fast food giants and prepackaged goods found in the sterile grocery stores. But have we thought about our food community??

That’s what makes these so special is that there is this wonderful community that has built up around the swaps. I’ve gotten to make friends with some wonderful people whom I wouldn’t have met if it weren’t otherwise for these swaps.

As it stands, at least in the state of California, a private person can’t sell their goods unless they have a commercial kitchen and licenses etc etc etc. The problem is that the average person can’t afford this. I can take my creations to a place to swap for things I don’t make or can’t make myself. Today’s swap includes the following: laundry detergent, salsa, cookies, honey butter, marinated tomatoes, gumbo, pickled garlic and beets and a crazy load of persimmons . (the Dalek is just for decoration)


Food loot


Every time I come home from a food swap I feel a rush of positive creative energy and a general good mood high. I’ve already been researching some persimmon jam recipes along with planning my next jams to bring with me to the next swap I attend.

With the world being what it is; poor economy, big scary GMOs and food recalls every other month. It’s a good to see people coming together to share their goods in exchange for others.  It allows people to be more independent of the current commercial food system so that if the unthinkable does happen they can stand on their own….or just have a fun Sunday afternoon.

If you are interested in joining the food swap community check out the food swap network. Food swaps have been an exciting international trend.


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