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Sunday Post #4 October 20, 2013

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This week has been filled with some extreme lows and some comforting highs. As many of you may know, I had two dachshunds Bocce and Bella. Bocce a few months ago was diagnosed with a disease called Lymphangiectasia. She couldn’t fight it anymore and Thursday we were left with no choice but humanely euthanize her.

Bella and Bocce were litter mates, Bella having never been alone made it pretty clear she was going to need a new companion. So yesterday I went and picked up a 10 week old long haired piebald dachshund puppy we named Fizzgig (name inspiration comes from Dark Crystal). She has so far proven to be an adorable little furry band aid. Bocce was very much my dog following me from room to room and snuggling with me as I read. Fizzgig has started following me around and making me laugh with all her silly puppy antics. On the flip side Bella is adjusting to the puppy as best she can, though she has not taken to kindly to being pounced on when she sleeps or the fact that fizzgig lays in wait for her to walk by a corner before she ambushes her out of nowhere. Typical little sister vs. big sister stuff.


It has been nearly 9 years since I have had to care for a puppy so my primary book of the week is Cesar Milan’s  How to Raise the Perfect Dog through Puppyhood and Beyond just to refresh my memory on all things puppyness. I have also started reading The Wishing Thread by Lisa Van Allen which has proven to be a magical book.

So between puppy training, book reading and continuing to work on my knitting projects I will have a pretty full week ahead of me. Though I will be getting some book reviews out since I am pretty backed up on those.


One Response to “Sunday Post #4”

  1. Bill gio Says:

    That puppy can not have a better mother. 🙂

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