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Kicking off a week of all things Doctor Who November 16, 2013

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Day of the doctor

Precisely one week from today Whovians all over the world will be enthralled by the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who special The Day of the Doctor. In preparation of the sacred Whovian event, I’ll be celebrating all things Doctor Who this week.

As many of you have seen in the prequel and if you haven’t… go look it up. I’ll wait, it’s only four minutes, I can grab some knitting. The Day of the Doctor deals with the Great Time War but what is it? It’s not talked about in the original episodes and is only talked about in snipets in the new series. I have to admit it is really exciting to see that they are tackling this subject.

According to the standing mythology that has been put into place through fan fic, comics and the like the Time War began when the Daleks created a virus that would wipe out the Time Lords and allow them to invade Gallifrey.  Thanks to Romana they didn’t succeed in the implementation of the Virus, however war soon began.

According to the short story “Museum Peace” the 8th Doctor became involved in the conflict after watching a child die.  According to the prequel, our 8th Doctor goes around helping people and isn’t a part of the conflict. Or so he says. Frankly there is no neutrality in war for examples, look at Switzerland in WWII. It’s evident that he doesn’t become involved until Cass dies and the Sisterhood of Karn steps in and we have the Warrior Doctor.

This prequel also brings about some interesting questions:

Has Moffat in one brilliant stroke bashed the whole 13 regenerations only theory?

Has he also left room for a gender switch or has he closed that door once and for all?

Will our Doctor become the villain?

Can this leave room for some more Time Lord characters to resurface? I am still holding out hope that we will get Romana back.

And finally when John Hurt regenerated into the Doctor couldn’t he have gotten better hair?? Sure it looks good on Paul Mcgann but not everyone can pull off those curly locks….

Well in 7 days i suppose those questions will be answered, followed by another set of questions I am sure.  However, stick around, there will be more great Doctor Who stuff to come!


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