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A Geek Girl’s Thanksgiving November 26, 2013

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So this is a Top Ten Tuesday about all the wonderful things that make my geeky girl heart swell three sizes on thanksgiving day.

10. Friends that I can obsess with over fandoms.  Whether it is a book, a movie or a TV show, I love that I have at least one friend that I can discuss things with. Just today, when I found out that a friend had started catching up on How I Met Your Mother, it was like the flood gates opened and I started analyzing all the past episodes of the season with her whether she liked it or not…After which I said “Oh crap did I just give away some spoilers?”

9.  Loki, because who needs a Mr. Goodie Two shoes that spends more time infront of the mirror than you do? Plus he is always up for mischief, trouble makers are always more interesting .

8. Tea. There is nothing that gets the synapses firing properly like a good cuppa tea. Since I write in the evenings primarily I prefer the herbal non caffeinated variety. But seriously, I can’t read or write with a nice cup of this elixir of the gods while I read or write.

7.  Steven Moffat. Ok so over the past year there have been a number of people who have been calling for him to resign. I for one, have not been one of them. I love his writing. Sherlock and Doctor Who are amazing shows, he has brought these shows to a whole new level of popularity that has never been seen.  And after Day of the Doctor, it was like all my faith has been rewarded. Likewise, who else could make me scared to death of seemingly normal things?? (Weeping Angels I’m looking at you!)

6. Discovering New Books from Authors you Love. About a month ago I was checking out M.K. Hobson’s profile on Goodreads and discovered that she has since written not one but two books since she wrote “Hidden Goddess” AND the two books are within as series in that same world. It was like Christmas came early…

5.  Wonderfully Evil Villains. How can you like the hero when the villain has the personality of a wet noodle? I love me some good old fashion villains that you just love to hate i.e.: Rumplestiltskin, Regina and the Governor.

4.  Yarn. Doesn’t matter the color, the size or the texture. I am like Jeremy  from the Secret of NIMH.  I always say I am going to destash. I honestly try but then I come across a yarn that would be perfect for a project.

3. Puppy Cuddles, old or young puppy cuddles doesn’t matter. Like tea, I don’t feel the same with out having one cuddling with me while I read.

2. Did I mention Loki? If not see point 9.

1. My Geeky husband that totally gets my all my geeky quotes (and in some cases quote a full movie with me), puts up with my yarn stash, and shares my desire to have a home chuck full of movies and books. Oh, and to make things even better, as of today we are looking at 15 days, 1 hour, 14 minutes and approximately 16 seconds until he is home for good.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and The Bookish. Want to play along? Check out their blog for more details.


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