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A Look at “The Hand of Omega” January 4, 2014

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“The heavier the decision, the higher the waves, the more uncertain the consequences .”

I have to admit, this is one my favorite Doctor Who episodes of all time and it is not just because this happens:

Ace and the Dalek

Ace is by far one of my favorite companions.

It is one of the episodes that I recommend a new Doctor Who fan watching because it ties back to the original series and is very much a bridge between the classics and the modern era Doctor. It is in Sylvester McCoy’s incarnation of the Doctor that we start to see the first glimpses of what the modern era Doctor has become.

For me this is my favorite of the Sylvester Mccoy episodes. He is the kind of Doctor that speaks softly and carries a big umbrella. He didn’t need to boast that he was the Doctor (one could argue he is one of the more humbler Doctors) and when he did get angry there was just the right amount of sarcasm thrown in as is evident when yelling at Davros (yes, that Davros) “Powerful, Crush the lesser races, conquer the galaxies, unimaginable power, unlimited rice pudding etcetera, etcetera.”

However, back to the episode. The episode takes the Doctor full circle. In the 1960’s the Doctor hid The Hand of Omega in England. Now in present day London two factions of Daleks are trying to get their hands on it.

Why is The Hand of Omega so important you ask? (good question)

Omega, first seen during Pertwee’s time as the Doctor in “The Three Doctors,” Omega was the Time Lord that enabled time travel to happen (see  “The Three Doctors” for more details as well as some serious karate chopping by the third Doctor).

Needless to say, this is definitely one of the Classics to add to your viewing list.


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