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How to Live with Someone of Another Fandom January 6, 2014

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Not everyone enjoys the same fandom.  It’s understandable; some people just prefer the world of Star Wars to Star Trek. But what do you do when someone not in your fandom lives with you?

The husband and I have a mutual love of Star Wars, Firefly and Stargate.  However, there are a few fandoms we don’t quite see eye to eye on.  Often having two televisions is helpful. On many a night I would watch Doctor Who in the bedroom while he watched something else in the living room. Until finally one day he proclaimed that he was going to start watching Doctor Who on his own without me around because as he said it “The Doctor stole my wife, I have to get her back.” To get him to the point where he could say that he likes Doctor Who meant that he had to watch it several thousand miles away from me (quite literally, he started watching it in Afghanistan) so that I couldn’t interfere with his viewing.

Fast forward to Dinner this evening. While chatting over a shared plate of Pad Thai the subject of Outlander came up. I have been in major Outlander fan girl mode, we are in the process of getting Starz just so that I can watch the show when it finally premieres and am in the midst of reading the 4th book. So when it comes to discussing nerdy things this is number 2 on the list (because let’s face it, there is not a day that goes by where the topic of Doctor Who doesn’t come out of my mouth).

The long short of it is that he is not so very fond of the premise of the book. So our conversation didn’t really go so well, it was me defending the books and him criticizing them. Needless to say, I made sure to hit every bump on the way home and when that didn’t faze him too much I turned on the country music.

After we had a good laugh I started to wonder. How do people with different fandom interests learn to live together?

It’s not like he and I have always shared the same geeky interests he is way more into kung fu movies and World of WarCraft than I am. I do have to admit that I have not always been the most understanding of spouses when it comes World of Warcraft.

Not all of us have two televisions but in today’s day in age we have enough electronics to be able to have one person on the computer doing their thing another on the television. Or sometimes it’s just learning to tolerate and appreciate something about our significant others fandoms. Because like their quirks their fandoms are a part of who they are.


2 Responses to “How to Live with Someone of Another Fandom”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Ha, this really struck a nerve for me! In my case, my husband is just not fandom material, period. He doesn’t get my fangirlishness when it comes to the Doctor, or Outlander, or anything else I get excited (okay, passionate) about, so I get made fun of a lot. I’ve learned to tune it out, so his cracks about stuff I love don’t really faze me any more… but on the other hand, I don’t like biting my tongue when what I really want to do is squeal and jump up and down when I come across something new and exciting about one of my loves. Good thing he’s got other good qualities!

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