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Cosplaying 101 January 19, 2014

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Cosplaying is the art dressing up like a character in a beloved fandom. Over the last few years it’s gained quite a bit in popularity. It’s so popular that it’s spawned a network reality show.

Why Cosplay? There is just something fun and in a way therapeutic to be able to just put on a different persona for a day.

Getting started doesn’t necessarily have to be hard, expensive or 100% hand made. I am a horrible sewer. Put me in front of a sewing maching and my inner gremlin appears. Case in point, when the husband and I first started going to ren fairs I thought i needed to make everything. The bodice was way beyond my capabilities; however, I made his kilt….minus the pleats. In my defense, I’m an Italian girl. I knew very little about Celitc culture. In my head I honestly thought “men don’t wear pleats.” My poor husband however, was labeled Gopher the pleatless. He had to come with some story as to why his kilt had no pleats.

Thankfully I have since learned my lesson and just bought the husband a good kilt. When it comes to getting a cosplay outfit together, you don’t necessarily need to get it all at once. Picking up pieces here and there works as well. For the renaissance fairs, that’s often how it’s done. A bodice here, a skirt there….the used shirt from ebay. And, if you are going to make something do your research.


I have to admit that last year I got a bit tired of the renaissance scene. I was fairly bored with my outfit and with the husband being overseas it just lost its magic…then came Gallifrey One last year.

This was my first non-renaissance fair cosplaying venture. I liked all the Tardis outfits that were out there but I wanted to do something different, so I went for an Avante Guard Tardis outfit. It was adorable, I enjoyed it, my friends enjoyed it but I was lost in a sea of girls dressed up like the Tardis. Lesson learned: Be aware of the trendy stuff. Seriously, my outfit had all these great little subtle details but there were so many Tardis’ out there that I was just another girl in a blue dress. I’ll admit it, I wanted my work noticed and it just didn’t happen.

Clara Tardis 1

(Me as “Clara”)                                         (The Doomed Tardis outfit)

What did happen thought was this. On Sunday I just said screw it, and put together a cute outfit (that I personally thought looked a lot like something Martha Jones would wear). Within minutes of walking into the Marriot I was asked “Hey so are you Donna?” My response: Sure! About an hour or two later “Excuse me Clara can I take your picture?” The lesson learned: you don’t necessarily have to put too much thought into something. Have fun with it. Go with the flow. If you woke up in the morning and thought hey this could be Martha outfit but by the end of the day you are being called Clara. Just go with it. The point is to have fun.

So learn from me:

  1. Don’t worry about buying everything at once, feel free to pace it out, build as you go.
  2. Do your research.
  3. Be aware of the trends, especially if you want to be a bit different.
  4. Use your imagination.
  5. Have fun!

4 Responses to “Cosplaying 101”

  1. Oh what fun! That’s one of my goals when I actually make it to goal weight would to cosplay! I have no creativity whatsoever though so all my stuff would have to be purchased!

    • dianatierney3 Says:

      All my stuff is purchased and pieced together. I can’t sew to save my life! But I find it to be a really fun expression of a fandom. Even if you haven’t lost all your weight yet I encourage you to start cosplaying at some level. As Chloe Dykstra (sp?) Geekyness is for all.

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