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A Potluck Round Up: Where I cook outside of my Comfort Zone January 25, 2014

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I love potlucks. They are a great way to host a party without having to make the entire meal on your own and you get to try new foods you otherwise wouldn’t make yourself. I’m happy to see this come back en vogue.

About a week ago I posted a book review of The Last Chinese Chef, which if you haven’t checked out the book review or the book itself I highly recommend doing so.  Anyway, I lamented on not knowing what to make for my Slow Food Book Club. You see, the book club gets together and makes recipes based on the books that we read that month. It brings a whole new element to the book.

My only problem with this last month’s book, I can’t make Chinese food. Totally out of my wheel house. So after much soul searching on pinterest I finally found this recipe for Cha Ye Dan (Chinese Tea Eggs). They were really easy to make and have a lovely light flavor to them. Next time I think I will need to steep them overnight to get the proper marbling



Overall the potluck really great with so many different dishes from Forbidden Rice to melt in your mouth Pork Belly. (and even some decadent cream puffs).


So I stepped ever so slightly out of my cooking comfort zone which is sometimes required to keep me on my cooking toes.


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