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It’s My 111th Post! January 27, 2014

Filed under: Diana's Craft Corner — dianatierney3 @ 12:35 pm

Well it’s my 111th post and like Bilbo Baggins, I will be giving out a present…but more on that later.

I have been keeping busy with my knitting. I put writing the book on hold between the husband just getting home, some party planning and other shenanigans I just couldn’t do it. Writing a book takes a lot more work than a blog. I also discovered I need to take a class on sock knitting, which I discovered is something I actually can’t do.

So within craft corner I am getting back to work on some items that were put on hold.  Like my 7th Doctor sweater that has yet to be finished. With Gallifrey One only weeks away, I am back to working on it. I won’t finish it in time but maybe I can debut it for Wondercon or some other convention.

I also discovered a great charity I could really get behind. It’s the Mother Bear Project. They send bears to children in Africa devastated by the Aids epidemic. Kids in general can handle a lot, but
everyone, at some time or another needs something to hug. I can’t think of a better way to use up some of my yarn.

Anyway, on to my giveaway. So in honor of my 111th   the first person to answer this trivia question correctly will get this lovely hand knit scarf that I made.


The Question: Bilbo shared his birthday with another hobbit. Who was it?

Put your answer in the comments and good luck!


10 Responses to “It’s My 111th Post!”

  1. Kris Says:

    Meri 🙂

  2. mjleivas Says:

    Just a shot in the dark… Frodo?

  3. gapark Says:

    Frodo! are you a numbers person outside of the Birthday? 11 is my special number (hisband’s is 33!). Gail

    • dianatierney3 Says:

      We already had a winner but your answer is spot on. I’m not really a numbers person outside of the blog but I did think it would be clever to do a giveaway on my 111th post tieing it to the Lord of the Rings

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