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The Essentials for Cooking Fish February 1, 2014

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Ryan and I have a game with his fishing. He brings home a fish, tells me the basics of the fish. (white or pink meat, firm or tender etc) I then have to come up with a recipe for the fish. Two recipes that I have developed over the years that I really can’t live without are seasoned butter and tartar sauce.

Seasoned Butter

The holy trinity of cooking a white fish is butter, lime and cilantro. This simple cooking base lasts forever.


1 stick of butter

1 bunch of cilantro finely chopped

¼ cup lime juice (about 3 or 4 limes)

Wax paper

Take one stick of softened butter. You want it soft and mushy not completely melted.  In a bowl mix in about ¼ cup of lime juice and the cilantro until the cilantro is mixed evenly throughout the butter.

Spread the butter on wax paper and roll into a tube like so:

Seasoned butter


Place in a freezer and break off chunks as needed to cook with.


Tartar Sauce.

Sure you can get it at the grocery, but have you looked at the ingredients? Making it at home means that I know what’s in it and frankly I find that the homemade stuff tastes better. Now the recipe calls for sweet pickle relish which is totally fine to use, however, my friend Sarah makes the best sweet zucchini relish. I just used my last jar and am anxiously awaiting this summer when zucchini comes back into season. Maybe I will actually make my own but if I do that, I will have one less item to trade with Sarah at the food swaps. Anyway, on to the recipe:


1 cup of mayonnaise to the juice one lemon

2 teaspoons of Salt

2 tablespoons sweet pickle relish (or zucchini relish if you are lucky enough to get your hands on it)

This really is a taste as you go recipe meaning that if you want more salt or lemon feel free to add more, less etc.


Need a recipe to use these in? Try fish tacos. A California art form, they are an easy go to recipe.

Saute the fish in a pan with the seasoned butter.

Place in warm corn tortillas and top with shredded cabbage, tartar sauce and Tapatio (optional)  Tacos


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