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Diana’s Craft Corner Goes to Oz to have Tea February 9, 2014

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I recently took a break from my regular knitting adventures to help put together a close friend’s Wizard of Oz themed baby shower.

My main contribution  to theme were these centerpieces:

Michele's Centerpieces

The Dorothy style baskets are filled with red flowers and personalized lollipops (think the lollipop guild and a basket full of poppies). The inside is just styrofoam to hold everything in place.

The personalized lollipops were the favors for everyone. I really find that in planning a party like this a little bit of a personalized touch adds that little extra something.

. Michele's favors

And of course Tea!


How can you turn down a cup of tea in a gorgeous tea cup like this? I personally love a good tea house. The extra special tea, the fine china and delicious little tea sandwiches.

our settings

Isn’t that just darling? I wish I had a use for napkin rings in my house….

And of course, the little Dorothy to be needs her own Toto.



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