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Opening Ceremony Potluck February 9, 2014

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Another Olympic Opening Ceremony with  another delicious potluck to accompany it.


In representation of Scotland we had a lovely whiskey with a traditional Scottish toasting cup that we all took a sip from.

In representation of the UK we had these delicious meat pies and when I say delicious, I mean the husband specifically requested that our friend Eddie bring these to all potlucks from now on.


I recently read “Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking” which is a wonderful book that I will eventually be reviewing. In the book Anya raves about this dish called Kulebiaka (Fish, rice and mushrooms in pastry). She so eloquently described the pie and her and her mother’s absolute desire to get their hands on one once they got to America. The effect was enough to make me desire the pie almost as much as her. My only problem? No Russian restaurants in my area. So if I wanted it I was going to have to make it myself. Thankfully Anya’s book includes a whole section on recipes.


Through a series of mishaps I ended up with store bought pastry dough. It’s not very pretty but boy did it taste pretty good. I also used fresh trout caught by husband in loo of the cod. Notice the 5 stars for the 5 Olympic rings?

I now have 2 years to find and practice some Brazilian recipes.


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  1. […] I think the biggest testament to the book is Von Brezman’s description of Kulebiaka. She and her mother wanted it so bad that while on a trip to Paris they used their last bit of vacation money to get some, only to find that it just didn’t taste the same. It wasn’t until they found someone in the states that immigrated to the US as well that they found a Kulebiaka recipe close enough to what they were able to get at home. I HAD to get my hands on the pie. Of course there are no Russian restaurants near me so I had to make it myself. Thankfully, it came out alright. (See results here) […]

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