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Crafting with Friends February 23, 2014

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Crafting on your own is quite often enjoyable but when with a group of friends has the ability to make it even more enjoyable. Whether it’s the same project or different projects it’s nice to have the support of friends as well as a good distraction when necessary. This afternoon the husband and I went over to a friends place to work on projects.

I of course worked on my knitting, now that I don’t have any baby crafts (I had a lot of pregnant friends this year) it’s time for me to actually get some projects off my to-knit list.

One day, this year I will actually finish my 7th doctor sweater. I am almost to the V-neck of the sweater.

Doctor Sweater 2.23.14
It always seems to be the case that just as I get to the finishing point of one project, I have to start the next. The next project on the list is a smaller version of the traditional Doctor Who Scarf that I can use as an everyday scarf. Because a 9 foot scarf is just too long for everyday use.

Doctor scarf 2.23.14

It’s a good thing that I started working on it before I finished the sweater because as I was working it I discovered that I am missing some colors needed. So the initial start will be slightly off but the effect will be there. Not too bad for a few hours work if I do say so myself.

We’ll have to set up another get together for a group crafting session.



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