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It’s a Rainy So Cal Weekend March 1, 2014

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It’s been raining for the last three days here in Southern California. While in other states that isn’t out of the ordinary for us Southern California residents, it’s big news. I believe it’s been months since it rained. For us this is something quite special.  So how do we celebrate this change in whether?

Well I don’t know about other people but this weekend has been all about self indulgences. Like this:

Yarn 1

Isn’t it gorgeous? I ordered it a while ago and it came in Friday. I have no idea what I am going to make with it yet but it was just one of those yarns that I had to get simply for how pretty it is even though I was shopping for yarn for my Doctor Who Scarf.

The husband and I ventured out into the rain to celebrate Mardi Gras at a friend’s house


King Cake

(A King Cake One of the guests brought)

Ryan and I had the job of bringing alcohol. We went with a New Orleans staple The Hurricane. Now there is nothing really that special about the recipe. Ryan’s approach to drink recipes is much like mine…they are simply guidelines…

He went by the recipe for the most part. We left out the simple syrup and went by taste primarily. The greatest accomplishment though was the use of the mason jar as a cocktail shaker:


When we went to gather the ingredients together we realized that we no longer had a cocktail shaker. We don’t make drinks that require it. So I had the bright idea to just grab a large mason jar and bring it with us. Because it’s not like I have a half a million of them stashed around the apartment or anything….

It worked out beautifully for the party because Ryan would make a batch and then walk away. He wasn’t tied down to the bar and guests could come and get a pre-mixed drink as they chose.

Well now it’s time to curl up with the dogs and finish watching When Harry Met Sally.


2 Responses to “It’s a Rainy So Cal Weekend”

  1. Wow! What beautiful color yarn. I want to make a spring-y scarf with something in that color. Does it have things woven in to the yarn, or is that just packaging?

    Happy crafting!

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