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My Meatless Monday Plate: Pasta Fazool March 10, 2014

Filed under: Adventures in Diana's Kitchen — dianatierney3 @ 11:21 pm


This little piggy went to market;

This little piggy stayed home;

This little piggy had pasta fazool….

That my friends, was the version of This little piggy that I learned growing up. Pasta Fazool or Pasta e Fagioli if you are from northern Italy or frequent the Olive Garden, it one of my favorite soups. I personally like to think of it as Italian chili. My version is perfect for Mondays 1. because it’s meatless and 2. because I throw it into a crock pot on Sunday night and then let it cook all day on Monday, while I am at work.


1 can whole pealed tomatoes

1 cup vegetable broth

2 cans kidney beans

2 carrots chopped

1 onion chopped or sliced (whichever you prefer)

1 can great northern or cannolini beans

1 cup cooked penne pasta


Like I said, dump into a crock pot the broth, the beans (with the juice), onion and carrots into the crock pot. The ingredients don’t even need to be 100% thawed. (i use my own homemade broth so i just usually dump it in frozen).  Season with oregano, salt and pepper to taste.  Cook on low for 7 hours or on high for 4 to 5 hours.

The pasta. I like to cook the pasta separately and then add into the soup bowls just before serving. (in the picture above i have pasta stars in with the penne because I miscalculated how much penne I had in my cupboard)

And as a side note in case you have the whole where’s the protein battle with your family the combination of beans and pasta creates a perfect protein so there is no need for meat.


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