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A to Z Challenge: {E}nabling Happiness April 6, 2014

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Wow, a week has gone by already since I started the A to Z Challenge. Though I was supposed to post this yesterday, I am considering yesterday to be my day of rest.

Today’s letter, E, comes from a conversation I had with a friend yesterday about Enabling Happiness, or in other words, just allowing yourself to be happy for where you are and what you have right now. As opposed to stressing out over what you don’t have or what it is that you eventually want. As my friend said “For how can you be able to get something better if you can’t appreciate what you have now?” (isn’t drunken philosophy the best? these are the conversations that I have with my friends at pubs)

Enabling happiness can certainly mean different things for different people but for me, at least yesterday, it meant letting go of the issues of the week, escaping the shackles of normal society and just enjoying the day with the people I was with.


IMG_0634 IMG_0637 IMG_0638

And then just as our day was ending, I was able to run into one of my most favorite actors, Jonathan Rhys Meyers. (and, btw, went total fangirl)

Me and Johnny

So with that my friends, I dare you to find your own way to enable your happiness.



2 Responses to “A to Z Challenge: {E}nabling Happiness”

  1. AHHHHHH! So awesome! What a wonderful day! And to top it off was meeting JRM! Sweet!

    • He is super cool and such an unbelievably nice guy. After I got my picture with him he shook everyone’s hand and introduced himself. And his eyes….even better in person

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