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A to Z Blogging Challenge: {G}eek Fashion April 7, 2014

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For this post I was able to link up with my friend Amy at Coffee and Whine Life. I personally love fashion. I watch Project Runway regularly, do my best to keep up with the latest trends and generally have fun with fashion and clothes. I was so happy that Amy was able to help me put some clothes together and answer some questions that I had on the subject.
When it came to outfits  I of course directed her to Doctor Who. How could I not? I am ashamed of what I might do to get my hands on that show’s wardrobe.

Amy and Clara Amy and amy
I also got a chance to ask her for some fashion advice:
How else would you recommend bringing your fandom into every day clothes?
It is very easy to incorporate your fandom into every day clothes. Fashion is all about inspiration, so use that when putting together an outfit based on another person’s look. Remember, you don’t want your style to match exactly, so add your own personal flair.  Go with the same color scheme but add a different pop of color.  Or, if the inspiration is wearing a skirt, wear jeans. Have fun with it!
I am a huge Wonder Woman fan (how can I not love a super hero named Diana?) Any tips for bringing some of the more unusual ones into the wardrobe?
For some of the ‘over-the-top’ costumes one can always incorporate a statement piece along with a toned down version of the outfit.  For instance, with Wonder Woman I would wear a red top, blue jeans, some cute sassy red booties or sandals and then I would add a fun gold statement necklace or a gold head band. Or some gold bangles or a cuff bracelet.  So find one thing you love about the look you are going for and accent that.
What would you recommend for people who don’t have the perfect body types for the outfits?
The great thing about fashion is that there are clothes out there for ALL body types. Know what feels and looks best on you. What makes you feel comfortable?  Go through your closet and piece together looks from the clothes you already have. Print out a picture of the style you are going for and start shopping (in your closet). Ask for opinions if you want, but in the end…wear what makes you feel sassy.


2 Responses to “A to Z Blogging Challenge: {G}eek Fashion”

  1. I don’t seem that girly to be the type to watch PR, but I do. Well, whenever I can, which is not often, but I like it. I just like watching creative people create. I also like Project Accessories, which I happen to like better, actually.

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