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A to Z Challenge: {J}ack April 12, 2014

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When thinking of what to do for the letter J. Only one thing really came to mind: “Jack” Which means that there are only two really worth while Jacks worthy of making it into my all time favorite things Blog the first is Captain Jack from the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Second is Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who and Torchwood.

captain jack 1

Captain Jack, the only truly good thing to come out of the Pirates movies. Captain Jack is pretty much what most people think of when they think of pirates. Such a great character portrayed by Johnny Depp. One can’t help but love him. He is the embodiment of “But why is the rum gone?”

Captain Jack H.

My other Jack…Captain Jack Harkness. How can you not love this suave, dashing, time traveling trouble maker (oh and the glorious trouble I would be happy to have with him). From the very moment he waltzed into Doctor Who and danced with Rose I couldn’t help but love him. And the actor that portrays him, John Barrowman, is really great too. If you are a twitter user I highly recommend following him.


Frankly my love of Jack went so far that I just had to cosplay him for a day at the last Gallifrey One:




8 Responses to “A to Z Challenge: {J}ack”

  1. sumyth23 Says:

    Over from A to Z. It was nice reading about the Jack’s who are out of the box. What about Jack, from Titanic? He deserves a mention? No?

  2. JD’s a great actor alright! Meanwhile, cool cosplay 😉

  3. Lisa Says:

    Captain Jack Harkness, always one of my very favorite captains (with awesome coats)!

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