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A to Z Challenge: {K}nitting April 13, 2014

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I began knitting in 2006 when my husband deployed to Afghanistan for the first time. Being a fairly new army wife I made a plan to start learning a new hobby every deployment. However, there wasn’t much in the way of new hobbies learned given that the first hobby I picked up just kept getting expounded upon….but i did buy plenty of more yarn. I’m like Jeremy from the Secret of Nimh. I have an over flowing rubbermaid bin of yarn.

So what’s the big draw? Well besides my addiction to yarn. When I knit I don’t have to think about anything other than the project at hand. No worrying about the day at work, the sick dog and the things I need to do.  I’ve also always been an artist at heart but never good at sculpting or painting etc. This is my way to be able to express my artistry and creativity in a visual way. It’s why I knit.

These are the projects that I am currently working on or have just finished.

I am in the process of knitting a smaller version of the famous 4th Doctor Scarf.


I like to knit a number of little things and set them aside for gifts whether it be for baby showers, birthdays  or just a rainy day. This is a baby hat I am knitting.


The bane of ever knitter’s existence is having some yarn left but yet not enough to make a full project. What I have started doing is putting some similar colors together like below to make a lovely patchwork blanket. It also gives me an opportunity to practice my stitches.


So what crafts do you like to do? Any interesting Knitting or crochet projects happening?


And with that I am all caught up! Time to reward myself with Pancakes.


5 Responses to “A to Z Challenge: {K}nitting”

  1. I’ve kept my knitting needles from high school but somehow, I’ve never restarted learning how to do it and I have been planning every year to do so….

  2. Elle Says:

    I need to learn how to knit with needles. I’ve only ever done my knitting with a loom. As for the yarn issue, well…I think that’s a problem that most crafters have. My first love is scrapbooking, so I have more paper than any one person could ever use. But I also sew…so of course I have far too much fabric. It’s just the way these crafting things go. You can never really have enough. Right? Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie

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