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A to Z Blog Challenge: {R}eptiles April 22, 2014

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The husband and I like to think of ourselves as amateur herpotoligists. We like reptiles, from the science to their overall gentle nature. I haven’t been too involved recently, but when I was able, I took part in educational events. Teaching people about reptiles and that if you see them in the wild just leave them be and that they are important to our environment.

Here are a few of the critters that make up my menagerie.

My bearded dragon Smaug, I believe in this picture she is writing a strongly worded letter to petco, they ran out of grasshoppers.



Zippy is my Sulcata Tortoise. He thinks he is an ugly dachshund, he will actually play fetch with us.




Sweetums is my California Rosie Boa. He is my designated snake ambassador. When going to reptile education events I would bring him with me. His extremely calm demeanor allowed him to be handled by a number of people without getting stressed.



When it comes to snakes, whether you like them or not when coming across them in the wild, please please please just leave them alone. They won’t hurt you unless they feel threatened. They are important to their native environment.






6 Responses to “A to Z Blog Challenge: {R}eptiles”

  1. Bonniegwyn Says:

    Awesome introductions to your buddies. 🙂 Good luck with the rest of the A-Z!
    Where Legends Begin

  2. Had a good time rolling through your posts for the #Challenge. Lots of good stuff! Congratulations on sharing with your readers something worthwhile.

  3. Susan Kane Says:

    Reptiles have always been kept at a distance, except for turtles/tortoise. Over here visiting from the A to Z. Enjoyed your passion for the creatures that I push away.

  4. I love that your bearded dragon is named Smaug! Also, I have a sneaking suspicion you and my mom could talk turtles/tortoises for hours. She… is an informal turtle rescuer.

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